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The time has finally come and we can't keep this amazing game to ourselves anymore! Dark Ages Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!
When Kickstarter announced that – for the first time in its history as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on crowdfunding campaigns – there is an option to extend the length of the project, we immediately started working on this option, and were granted an extension.
We are humbled and grateful to all current backers for your support and excitement for Dark Ages. To help the game become even better and to open the door for added value and content, while also giving us a chance to explore how to implement backer feedback and suggestions, we have decided to take advantage of campaign extensions offered by Kickstarter.
More information in our latest update! - KLICK HERE
This is a massive historical game designed by Adam Kwapiński (Nemesis, Lords of Hellas) and Andrei Novac (Exodus) that will be a civ-game you by all means deserve!
We want to keep this e-mail short and not keep you any longer than necessary, so let's jump straight to the Kickstarter campaign and let you check spectacular content of the game.
You can also watch how it plays in the latest videos made by Jon Get Games, Tantrum House, and Man vs Meeple!
🔓All PRE-Kickstarter Stretch Goals are unlocked!
🗓This campaign is only 6 days long
✅Because of its epicness, it's also KS Exclusive!
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