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Having ended up on an remote and abandoned island, you find yourself in a life and death battle against an evil coming straight from perdition. With each of your four friends possibly being a bone chilling demonic entity that will try to slaughter the rest of the group - who can you trust?

The words above are from the Daemonical website. The first 5 pictures are screenshots from my PC. I couldn't get them any lighter or clearer.

I haven't been able to play any of the game yet. The times when I am available to play I cannot find anyone to join with or play against. I haven't managed to get past these character screens yet.

Below I have used screen shots and text from the DAEMONICAL site. I haven't taken any of the other player's notes and tried to use them as review material but I have read many of them and the common concensus appears to be that there are enough jump-scare moments to give you the willies and keep you on the edge of your seat, bum contracting to hold you in place. There is also the feeling that the current £10.99 is too high for a game that has yet to be finished. From my viewpoint that would be true but others have got into the game and have got a lot further into it than I have and they are a lot happier with it.

My suggestion would be to wait until it is launched. It may be more expensive then but you will be starting and playing a game that you can complete. The problem with waiting is that the team producing it need the early access sales money to bankroll the continued development, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword. If you don't support it now it may not be there when you want it at a later date. This is the type of conundrum that Kickstarter was created for so I'm surprised that Crowd-Funding isn't a route the developing company haven't taken. I'm pretty sure that with what they have, game-wise, already then it would soon be funded.



YouTube Video

The video (above) gives just a brief glimpse at the realism of the terrain and the beginnings of the story - a sort of Agatha Christie style mystery whodunnit? but instead of one of the group on the island being a murderer one of them is secretly a Demon. The screenshots (below) taken from the game's website are similarly as dark as the few I have managed to take (above). For me this is a problem for if I could get further into this game and it continued to be as difficult to see what is going on as it is in all of the screenies on this page then it would be doubtful that I would carry on. I don't mind atmospheric lighting, and dark and shadowy is ideal for jump-scares, but if it's so dark that you can barely make out who or what is on the screen then the scary parts become the game instead of being part of the game, and it becomes one jump-scare after another, or at least that's how it feels. 

I like the idea, I have always been a fan of tales of the unexpected and whodunnit?, so for now I will continue trying to get into it and discover whether it is as dark and unplayable/unviewable as it currently seems or whether it is just the screenshots that are not giving fair reflection on the game. As I said this is not a review, it's not a preview either, but the game needs assistance, in my opinion from the developers and the players. It has all the right things to be a big game, but to make the jump into the major league it needs to capture more imaginations, and to do that it needs more visibility, in more ways than one.

FROM THE WEB: What the Developers Say:

Why Early Access?

“We are a small team, and early access should provide us with enough funding and players feedback needed to finish the game and fully release it. Although the game is playable as it is, we plan to implement much more content and features, for which we need more resources.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The plan is to keep the game in early access up to a year, but that could change when we consider players feedback.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We plan to implement more demons, more map additions, work some more on procedural map generation, possibly add some new game modes. Also work on bot support.

The final version should have at least a couple different demon types, and lots of demon skills.

The weapons and tools that humans use will be expanded too, as well as map elements.”


What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Current game version is fully playable with functional online multiplayer, matchmaking, one playable demon type, and a couple of tools that you can use as a human to win or harm the demon. Also features night and day cycle, positional voice chat, character customization and much more.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The current plan is for the final game to be priced a bit higher than early access title once we release it fully.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We plan on continuing the community involvement as we are doing it right now - we are open about our plans, and we are considering each and every idea our community comes up with. We have already implemented a couple of them in the game itself and we will continue to do so.

Also, we are planning to tweak gameplay and balance out the game according to what our players say.”


The STORY So Far . . . .

Having ended up on an abandoned remote island you find yourself in a life and death battle against the evil coming straight from perdition.
Enter a terrifying multiplayer horror experience featuring sessions for up to five players, where any one of them has chance of becoming the bone chilling demonic entity that will try to slaughter the rest of the group. 

Daemonical is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game in which a group of people find an unfinished demon summoning ritual. With the demonic entity released upon the island, the players must find a way to send it back to hell or end up slaughtered.

Never knowing which one of them has become possessed by the demon, it is their decision to make on if they want to team up and trust each other or try surviving alone. 

The humans are played in the first-person mode. In order to exorcise the demon, they need to find the missing ritual components and bring them back to the alter. Their only alternative is hiding and surviving until the dawn, when the sunlight will purge the demon from the grounds. They can use fire, which hurts the demon, or weapons and tools hidden around the island to their advantage. While the demon can’t be killed, he can be crippled, stalled and distracted.
The demon is played in the third person, needs to simply slaughter all the humans and prevent them from finishing the ritual. He is fast, agile, powerful and deadly.

The humans are stronger when they band together, but they are easier to find. Stay together or split up to avoid ending up in a group with a demon – it is for you to choose. 


Will you go for the missing ritual parts, or just try to hide until dawn? Will you help the others, or just be a lone wolf – the game leaves that up to you.

When a player dies in the game, their soul gets separated from their body and they can float around the map in the shape of a glowing ball of light. He can light the way for the players, and find the demon and follow him so the others can see where he is.

Daemonical also features a positional voice chat, so you can tell the other players that are close to you your plan, or pick a strategy together, but be careful! The demon might be listening in.

Customize your character – pick your gender, choose between various player models, clothes, colors and symbols that you can put on your clothing.

Key Features:

  • Asymmetrical multiplayer
  • First person and third person playing mode
  • Dynamic time of day and weather system
  • Most of the map is procedurally generated
  • Tools and weapons randomly placed across the map
  • Big open landscapes
  • Positional voice communication
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Interesting locations and landmarks
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • The most terrifying hide and seek experience in gaming
  • Scare your friends, or get scared with your friends!


This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content


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