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Our next kickstarter approaches!

We've been asked by our backers to make the sold-out materials from our first campaign available again. We're now aiming to do exactly that, but also providing some new content, especially for 1-2 player games where we have the least existing content.

Join us on Kickstarter at 11.11.2018 11:11am PST (5.11pm UTC)!

The European shipment has already arrived in Germany and is now in the gentle hands of the Customs Authority. We expect it to arrive at our distribution centre mid next week and hence Timo and Tiinalisa have booked into the Leipzig area, next week, to personally supervise the situation and battle any unexpected problems.

The US shipment and Australian shipment are due to arrive within two weeks (the middle of November) and both warehouses know that we and you fully expect to get your games well before Christmas. Barring unexpected problems, this should be the case.

While we’re writing to you, we thought we’d mention the annual 1 Player Guild People’s Choice Top 100 that’s organised by Kevin Erskine. Many members of our team are members of the 1PG on BoardGameGeek and we’ve already cast our votes. If you’re a member of the guild, too, and you haven’t cast your vote yet, you’ve got until 4th November to do so (it’s earlier, this year). We’re eagerly anticipating the reveal, as ever, and hoping to see Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift crack the list this year, after just missing it last year.

DDP Tour

As some of you might have noticed we've been traveling since 17th January all around Europe. So far, in 2018, we have been at 21 conventions, of varying sizes, and countless other meetings with gamers.

Keep Reading and find out how we ended up in Snowdonia with a caravan.

Upcoming events

The final two events of the year for our team will be Munich SpielWiesn and DAU in Barcelona. We hope to meet many of you there!












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