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DARK is not going to be everyone's favourite game. It is a vampire based world so that will bring it to the attention of a whole
genre of players from the off, simply because of the V word. It will also find attention from shoot-em-up fans and players who
like the idea of playing (as in role-playing) a thief-like character who enjoys the sneaking about part of the game as much as
the combat side. There is combat in DARK but it is not a long engaged battle, it is either you getting shot or you killing in as
fast a mode as possible - press Q and death to your victim is instant - or you can kill with one punch - or you can suck the blood
from your victim's throat.

Eric Bane awakes in a club with a thirst that cannot be sated by any regular liquid, unless you count blood as a regular liquid.
You control Eric Bane on his journey to stop himself from becoming a fully fledged vampire and off you go into a world of
shadows and death and conglomerate industrial companies. Eric narrates his thoughts as you play. He doesn't want to kill and
indeed you can get round a lot of the game by by-passing the pathetic A.I. kill- fodder put in front of you in the truly imaginative
locations. The locations are brilliant, cleverly designed and hidden inside bland looking buildings. A Forest in a Skyscraper and a
Medieval Castle amongst the glass and steel of a Museum as examples.


Eric is best used in stealth mode, though even then you should be careful to steer him away from broken glass on the floor or anything
else that may make an alarming noise. The guards and would-be victims artificial intelligence isn't the best I have encountered.
A lot of the game is you watching them go through their precise and exact repetitive drills and acting/reacting accordingly. By this
I mean you either sneak past them or you sneak up on them and .... well they are going to die but it's up to you, and whether you have
vitae at the time. If your vitae is full then you need to kill quickly, if you need vitae then you should feed on them. You use your
vitae for your special actions - such as the immediate kill action. If you need vitae then you suck the blood from them and this takes
agonising seconds in which time you may be discovered by other enemies.

When you kill someone you need to hide the body otherwise it will get found by an enemy and the alarm raised. Luckily for you these
guards search for a few moments - 60-90 seconds - and then go back to their routine as if nothing happened, even though one of their
number lies dead on the floor; all you need to do is hide behind something and wait for the alarm to stop.

Despite the lack of an exciting storyline and the illogical actions and ridiculously poor intelligence of your enemies there is something
about DARK that keeps me coming back to it; therefore I cannot say I would recommend it but I wouldn't say don't play it either. This
is, and it's an old cliché I know, a marmite game, you will like or loathe it and the only way to find out is to play it...or not!


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