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NGames Introduce the Pet System for Upcoming MMORPG, Cyber Monster II - New World Awaits
Massively expanded pet system detailed for upcoming MMORPG Cyber Monster II – New World Awaits, a sequel to the popular Cyber Monster

NGames, operator of the online games portal, has revealed key details about their innovative new pet system for upcoming MMORPG, Cyber Monster II. The new pet system marks a significant improvement over the pet features of the original Cyber Monster, providing a more balanced gameplay experience and new features for players to utilise and enjoy.

Currently in development for the online games portal, Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original game. After the new peace of the Nezor continent is shattered by the return of powerful dragons, players must band together and combine their skills before the flying beasts reach the inner cities. The sequel promises new game mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, with vibrant new graphics delivering an eye-popping experience that expands on the original Cyber Monster adventure.

Pets provide players with huge advantages in Cyber Monster II, helping to improve their character’s strength for fearsome battles. Every loyal companion comes with a huge range of attributes to nurture, such as HP, Attack, Defense, Dodge, Critical Damage and Speed. Every pet also has its own unique skills, which grow in power with each level.

Earned through battles, EXP allows Cyber Monster II players to level up their pets, and each level gained increases the pet’s attributes and skills. Cyber Monster II players have more ways to earn EXP than ever before Besides the battles, they can also initiate fast pet growth by donating to guilds or using crystals. Every five guild donations can earn the player 20,000 exp, while every five crystals give a substantial 40,000 exp.

Amongst their various attributes and skills, pets also have talents. A pet’s talent impacts their attributes, so it’s important that the player enhances these talents to make their companions as strong as possible. To enhance pets, Cyber Monster II players need Potential, which can be gained by participating in Turnip Matches, using Potential Cards, or raiding in instances. What’s more, with an Upgrade Stone players can upgrade their companion’s talents. The higher the pet’s level, the more talent can be increased.

Using pets in Cyber Monster II is simple. To first obtain a pet, adventures must defeat fearsome creatures within the main storyline. Once tamed, players can take on summon quests, and within each quest lies an opportunity for the player to increase their friendliness with the pet. As friendliness reaches a required level, pets will then be available to summon, aiding the player substantially in difficult future battles!

Of course, pets need names too, which is why Cyber Monster II gives players the ability to rename their pets for free! All players need to do is click on the Pet icon, select a pet, and click the rename button – simple. What’s more, to give pets that extra edge in battle; Cyber Monster II players can equip their companions with awesome looking gear. Experiment and compete with your friends to see who can come up with the coolest looking pet!


Cyber Monster II is an exciting new browser based MMO that gives players the opportunity to become the next heroic Dragon Slayer. Publisher NGames will be revealing more information on Cyber Monster II in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the original Cyber Monster is live now. With tons of NPC's, events and tournaments, players seeking a new MMORPG with cute characters, innovative gameplay and a laid back community should see what Cyber Monster has to offer. Interested players can sign up and join the fun at the official website.


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