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Cyber Monster 2 Introduces New Wings System and Special Events
NGames bring attribute boosting wing sets and two new events to the popular pet-collecting MMO

NGames, a leading online games publisher and developer, is today excited to announce the arrival of new attribute boosting wing sets to pet-collecting fantasy MMO sequel, Cyber Monster 2. The arrival of the new wings system, which lets adventurers fly for the first time, is being celebrated with two special events; giving players plenty of opportunity to win free in-game goodies and take to the skies in style.

A free-to-play MMO on the online games portal, Cyber Monster 2 takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Cyber Monster, when the return of ferocious dragons threatens the new found peace of the Nezor continent. With new gameplay mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, a plethora of new pets to collect and vibrant new graphics that deliver an eye-popping experience, Cyber Monster 2 expands on everything players loved about the original Cyber Monster adventure.

Available now to players level 50+, the new wing system not only lets players fly for the first time in Cyber Monster 2, they also give massive boosts to HP, Attack, Defence, and Speed attributes. If married, wings will boost a partners attributes too!

Wings come in various different shapes and sizes, each offering different gameplay benefits and boosts. Equipping Mighty Power Wings is a great way to see attack stats soar, while the fast-flapping Gale Wings will have players flying around Cyber Monster II's world at mind-boggling speeds.

Wing sets have 5 phases of development, each divided into 9 levels, giving players plenty of reason to spread their wings and fly. From the beautiful phase 1 Sprout Wings that offer a small attribute boost but cannot fly, to the powerful high-flying phase 5 Bloodline Wings that let players fly with attributes boosted by over 30%; wings are more about looking cool in Cyber Monster 2 – they are a whole new layer of strategy!

Wings are created by combining easily accessible items, Such as Divinty Shards, Crystals, Boiling Blood, and more; which can all be obtained for free through many of Cyber Monster 2's on-going PvE and PvP events.

No partner to share the wings with? No problem! Love and marriage are common themes in the world of Cyber Monster 2, and from now until November 18th, the special Noble Bachelor Carnival event is giving all the single men and women of Cyber Monster 2 the chance to date each other – and bag some cool prizes at the same time.

Publisher NGames has launched a plethora of activities and special offers to encourage unhitched adventurers to find their loved ones through the Noble Bachelor Carnival, from reduced prices on awesome special gift packs, to exciting daily rewards for attending. Players can even bring their affection outside of Cyber Monster 2 for extra prizes; liking the official Facebook page and posting a real life picture of themselves and a loved one can see players rewarded with bags of crystals, VIP coins, and other top in-game items.

When that finishes on the 18th, players can prepare to show how thankful they are for their new wings and loved ones by celebrating Thanksgiving in style. From November 26th – December 3rd, a Thanksgiving Gift Giveaway event will see adventurers receive daily rewards from NGames for their in-game activity. Extra goodies will be bundled with top-up packages, and everything from crystals and Fiend Nucleus to rare Dragon's Blood will be given away for free to mark the holiday.

It's party time in Cyber Monster II! To join the open beta fun,interested gamers can head over to the Cyber Monster II website and register for free now:


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