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TITLE: Curious Expedition 2 
GENRE: AdventureIndieRPGStrategy 
FRANCHISE: Curious Expedition
DEVELOPER: Maschinen-Mensch
PUBLISHER: Thunderful Publishing
STEAM Price: £16.99    Bundle of Curious1 & Curious 2: £25.18


CURIOUS EXPEDITION 2 is a man and time management game of explorations. 

You get to choose crew members to help you on your travels, each possible helper having their own skill set, from fighting and navigating, to cooking and exploring.


Every voyage you take requires financial funding and support. This can be gained by talking to each of the Great Explorer Clubs, listening to their offers and then making your mind up from whom to seek assistance. The more you use a specific Club the more help they will give you - you gain experience and knowledge from them. Each time you go on a mission you can change the way it plays out by selecting different companions and different Explorer Clubs. 

It is the time of the 1889 World's Fair in Paris and the Explorer Clubs are competing with each other to bring the best possible and most unique discoveries to display to the inquisitive visiting public. When you take the money and assistance from an Explorer Club you are their agents in the field, it is you who are the discoverers of the wonders that make each Club more famous than the next.


Your team moves together on a map after sailing your ship to one of the mysterious, unusual islands. You have an amount of Energy that allows you to do thinks such as Move, Fight, Explore etc. and the only way you get it back so that you keep going safely is to eat or drink. Exploring an island means that you click on a spot on the map to see how much energy it will take and then double-clicking on it to confirm your movement.


You will meet all manner of people and creatures on your journey. Some will run away, some will chat and offer you rest, others will fight - fighting is not as exciting as it sounds (it's actually quite mundane).


From the Steam Store:

Key Features:


As you travel, the map opens and expands. As it expands you discover new places of interest (?), some of which are Red Herrings and others are where you are looking for - a lost Mine, an Ancient City, a Forgotten Tribe etc. The problem being that it costs you time and energy that you can't afford when you go off on a wild-goose-chase. The other problem is that until you go to explore the (?) space there is no clue whether you are going to the right place or not. In one mission you are looking for a Pyramid and there is more than one Pyramid found en route, only one is the place you want.


CURIOUS EXPEDITION 2 is a Turn-Based game where you have to [End Turn] after you have exhausted your action/s, and then the Artificial Intelligence takes its turn; the game takes its lead from your actions.


The graphics are not the best you will find in Steam based games and the fighting is (already mentioned) but the fact that the game really does change every time you play makes it a more than interesting challenge. Completing a mission may take you more than one attempt as they are not as straight-forward as they may, at first, seem.


Story driven games can be fun. The good ones are fun plus they take time to play. A game that you can just walk through without thinking, just blasting your way through, is short-term fun. A game that you have to think (and fight) your way though is long-term entertainment. Curious Expedition 2 is long-term!


At £16.99 CURIOUS EXPEDITION 2 is a little more expensive than many Steam based games but it is also a lot more intricate than many games that cost three and four times as much. You certainly get your money's worth if you are into exploration games; this isn't a role-playing game but I can see it would be appreciated by role-players, less so by action-based gamers.















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