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 Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly was made possible by supporters of its production fundraiser at Kickstarter.

This is the 2011 novel based on and around Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.  It is published by Arc Dream (

Delta Green is an ex-Government organisation that operates separately and independently in pursuit of the protection of the people and the environment of the Earth.

Through the Glass Darkly is a phrase used a myriad times in print and film. There are dozens of books, films, and other media with this title, a phrase that as far as I can ascertain was first used in an Epistle to the Corinthians by Paul of Tarsus. Isn’t it weird that a phrase from the Bible is commonly used in strange tales ?

Dennis Detwiller’s novel is written in a style and about a subject I am not particularly keen on personally. And yet because I have it to review I started to read it. Very little time passed before I was completely engrossed in the tale. I think that because I am not up to date with all the Cthulhuisms and creatures it is more of an open minded adventure for my imagination.

The story begins when a child who died and was buried some 9 years or so ago reappears in his home at the same age at which he died and acting as if he had just woken from a night’s sleep. Delta Green agents Curtis “Cyrus” McRay and Donald “Charlie” Poe are sent to investigate.

It isn’t long before things begin to take twists and turns that involve Cthulhu mythos creatures, murders, explosions and McRay and Poe being hunted as the perpetrators of these and other crimes by the local police and government forces.

The question that nagged at me all through my reading of this book was “will I go insane before the agents solve the case and put the world to right .... For now!” I have read enough about the Cthulhu mythos to know that characters who get mixed up in it are not usually long for the sane world.

DELTA GREEN; Through A Glass Darkly is the sequel to another Arc Dream publication - Delta Green: Strange Authorities (Stories of Personal Apocalypse) by Cthulhu knowledge guru, John Scott Tynes.

Naturally I, being me, have read the books in the wrong order and will have to start reading “Strange Authorities” for review in the next issue. However it never spoiled my reading and I don’t think it would have helped me understand anything in the beginning.

Delta Green: Through A Glass Darkly is available for downloading for the Kindle ( for the Nook (Barnes & Noble) in ePub format (at DriveThruHorror) and at the iTunes Bookstore for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.


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