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Cthulhu Rises!

You can preview the campaign page here!

On the eve of the launch we take a brief look at what's inside the book. You'll see that it is divided into two sections - core Mythos and the Dreamlands.

Leagues of Cthulhu Codicil

Characters: Whether your players are looking for new family lineages hiding terrible secrets, new Leagues to join, or give their characters a notable hindrance, this chapter gives them plenty of new options. 
Magic & Manuscripts: As if there wasn't enough madness at characters' fingertips, this chapter includes additional rituals, tomes, and relics. Formulae, found in Mythos tomes, allow characters to create Mythos-related relics, such as Powder of ibn-Ghazi, Incense Cones, and the drug Liao. 
Where Darkness Dwells: From lost cities to shrines and remote mountains to distant islands, there are another swathe of locations for characters to explore. 
Gods, Monsters, and Cultists: For those Gamemasters wanting more terrors, this chapter includes new lesser gods, monsters, cults, and NPCs. Learn the secrets of the The Black Scorpion Brotherhood, the barbaric practices of the Cult of the Red Leech, and how the Mythos relates to the Viking gods.

Realm of Morpheus: The Dreamlands

What is the Dreamlands?: A brief introduction to the Dreamlands, which lie beyond the veil of sleep. 
Dreamers: New options for globetrotters intent on exploring and shaping the Dreamlands. 
Magic & Manuscripts: Rules for entering and shaping the Dreamlands, as well as new rituals, books, and relics. 
Gazetteer of the Dreamlands: From quaint Ulthar to the great city of Celephaïs and the feared Plateau of Leng to the darkness of the Underworld, this chapter covers the many wondrous sites of the Dreamlands. 
Inhabitants of the Dreamlands: A bestiary of terrible creatures, including such entities as Gugs and Hunting Horrors, insidious cults, major personalities, and the cats of Ulthar.

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