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This 55 card crossover deck for the VS SYSTEM is the first expansion in the new annual sets of MARVEL teams. Yes I did say 'annual' as starting from the end of 2018 (when this product was released) Upper Deck are going to publish a Crossover deck at the end of every year.

This comic-art deck should be found in Your Local Game Store for between £12.00 - £16.00

This CROSSOVER deck is comprised of all types of playable cards for the following teams: A-Force, Femme Fatales, Champions, Inhumans, Monsters Unleashed, Leviathons, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, the Brotherhood of Mutants, Spider-Friends, and the Sinister Syndicate, which means you will find new cards to bolster your current team/theme decks and/or to add into your multiverse game decks.

The original Sinister Six Syndicate are all major villains and enemies of Spider-Man; they are (in alphabetical order) Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. Until this deck arrived for review I have to admit that I hadn't kept up to date with the current way the VS System has been heading along and so I wasn't aware of the Sinister Syndicate until now.

As the name suggests to play with a Sinister Six deck you need six characters that carry the Sinister Syndicate icon (the wonderfully evil, nay sinister, pumpkin). The  the CROSSOVER deck introduces 2 new villains: Green Goblin and Venom but only in their Level One (L1) format. Personally this is the first time I have encountered the Sinister Syndicate but apparently when you create/build your Sinister Syndicate deck you select 6 from those available (at time of this article and including the six mentioned previously, there are 8 Sinister Syndicate cards available) and play your game, with a pre-determined at the start of play, six major villains (in weakened form) instead of one. If you are playing in a Sinister Syndicate tournament you have to keep the same six Villains throughout so make your selection carefully.

Looking at the other Main villainous Characters in this deck you will notice that their Health is quite an increase on the two Sinister Syndicate: for examples; Arnim Zola (5) Blob (6) Spider-Man 2099 (5) whereas the Sinister Syndicate cards are Venom (2) and Green Goblin (1) even Main Character 'Good Guy' S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Agent Phil Coulson, has a Health of 5.

The cards in VS 2PCG are split into two separate "universes". Cards with illustrated comic book artwork are part of the Illustrated Universe. Cards where screencaps and photographs are used in place of artwork are part of the "Photographic Universe." Generally when building decks, they must contain collections of exactly 60 cards from a single one of the universes with no crossover, but an illustrated deck and a photographic deck can still play against each other normally. Also, if you are only playing 'friendlies' (as in the multiverse) you can mix and match any and all types of cards and simply have great fun doing so.

Players wishing to play Sinister Syndicate games need to purchase the VS System 2PCG Sinister Syndicate deck. Note that Chameleon and Rhino are two characters busting to get in on the Sinister Six act but who are not quite of the elite status required; they do however make exceptionally good Supporting Characters so it's always a good idea to consider them.

Crossover card checklist:
Main Characters:
Arnim Zola x 2 - Blob x 2 - Phil Coulson x 2 - Spider-Man 2099 x 2 - Green Goblin x 1 - Venom x 1
Supporting Characters:
Black Ant x 4 - Leviathon Twin-Drake x 1 - Sif x 4 - Abominable Snowman x 4 - Ironheart x 4 - Mockingbird x 4 - Rhino x 4 - Maximus x 4 - Omega Red x 4 - Captain Universe x 4 - Dark Phoenix x 4 
Plot Twists: Stand Together x 4

UPPER DECK's VS System keeps twisting and turning along a winding road that continues to offer new game and deck ideas whilst ensuring that no card be laid asunder. Unlike many other TCGs and CCG's cards are not retired from the VS System but they do temporarily put cards to one side every three months when they introduce new 'Featured Format' games.

Featured Format games use rules that are specific only for a three month period. They are designed to change your way of playing by introducing limitations or exaggerations of the basic rules and perhaps also the set rules of the cards currently in use. After each three month period Upper Deck require players to let them know how the last Featured Format game rules have performed so that they can reintroduce or modify them for a later date, or even discard them completely. The three month period is only for official Upper Deck Tournaments. 

If you want to continue using one or more Featured Formats that you like there is nothing to stop you, but if you want to keep up with the official tournaments then you should continually watch out for them. One of the good things with them is that although Upper Deck would like you to keep purchasing their new releases many of the Featured Format games can be played with the cards you already own.

Structured games and tournaments can be great fun especially when you are at conventions or playing regularly at your local games club or store - many stores now have tables for games and a lot of them run official tournaments regularly. Then there are players like myself who find much of their fun building decks from all sets, Photo or Comic Art and playing them against each other (with a friend of course - didn't want you to think I created several decks and then sat here alone playing them, though come to think of it ......  ).

Featured Format #1: Big Apple Battle: It’s time for street-level heroes to take center stage in a battle for New York City.

Dates: This took place from October 1st 2018 through December 31st 2018 

The Rules for this Featured Format are as follows: 
a) Your main character and each card in your deck (and out-of-game piles) that has a team affiliation must have one of the following affiliations: Spider-Friends    Sinister Syndicate    Defenders    Underworld    Champions    Inhumans
b) Your deck can include cards from more than one of the above teams and you can have any number of no affiliation cards in your deck. There are neutral cards available in other expansions. These are legal for this Format.

For your information the expansions that include the above teams are:

You can check up on Featured Formats here:


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