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Campaign Components: 3 Holy Avengers Ready For Your Campaign



Weapons of mythic power infused with the very essence of goodness, holy avengers are among the most powerful magic weapons.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

The iconic image of a paladin standing alone against a horde of devils, sword raised to strike down his enemies, is a powerful one. I’ve played several paladins in my gaming career, but I’ve never been lucky enough to own a holy avenger. Of course, all my paladins greatly desired such a blade, but despite hearing rumours or several it was not to be. (Perhaps all my GMs enjoyed toying with me).

I’ve talked before about why you should design unique treasures for your campaign, and the same is doubly true for legendary items such as a holy avenger. Thus, find presented below three holy avengers suitable for immediate insertion into your campaign. Use the descriptions below as a starting point; adapt and expand upon them as you see fit, so they add depth and flavour to your campaign.


Runes of goodness etched into this sword’s blade and picked out with electrum speak of judgement on all evil doers. The sword’s oval pommel is plain and unadorned, but seemingly crafted from some type of magically harden glass.


Suffused with a soft, pale lavender light, the blade seems to writhe with shifting, serpentine patterns. Its pommel has been forged in the shape of a clenched fist clutching the holy symbol of a powerful lawful good god.


This glittering, highly polished sword reflects all nearby light sources. Forged of mithral, it is incredibly light and easy to wield. Incongruously, scorched and tattered black feathers decorate its scabbard.

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