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A major breakthrough in terms of gameplay

In the new skill and action game Crazy Coconuts Coconuts by Pegasus Spiele learn to fly

Friedberg, March 18, 2015: In the fast slugfest Crazy Coconuts by Pegasus Spiele it goeth up and coconuts flying back and forth across the table. But who in the games novelty King wants to be in the monkey State must prove a steady hand. For here is crowned, who raises the most skill with coconuts into the yellow and red cups. But to certain of victory, one should not be, because the players can snatch a cup again also collected.

With this easy rule partywürdigem gameplay and stunning monkeys catapults the new release of Crazy Coconuts Pegasus Spiele lands a hit with all who love the games, especially the fun. In Walter Schneider's funny throwing battle two to four coconut jugglers can measure in a quarter of an hour from five years ago.

RRP € 24.95

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