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CONFRONTATION is an exciting fantasy adventure that is best played in its Campaign setting so that you build your team of characters as you continue the epic story.

It has resemblances to many previous games of this ilk but also has its own uniqueness in many ways.

Visually it is stunning, and the characters themselves are exceptionally well crafted, though the game still uses the old style lines for Health and Energy (etc) above their heads.
Screenshots I have seen (as in the one below) don’t show these lines but I have yet to discover how to turn them off.

The game can be played arcade style solo, with the player controlling all of the characters, or it can be played online where each player controls one party member.

By pressing the [Space] button and pausing the game you can give each character certain instructions/orders which they will carry out as soon as you restart play. This makes it easier
in combat, plus the artificial intelligence is good enough that if you split the party to fight separate opponents the ones who defeat their opponents first go to help the others without being
instructed. Plus the caster has the sense to stand back and cast spells, not entering mêlée unless ordered to.

This is the story of the Rag’narok, the war the gods have set to destroy the world known as Aarklash. It could also be called the age of Darkness or the age of Champions as the chosen
creatures are let free to roam, conquer and destroy.  The Rag’narok began in the desert of the Syharhalna, when the Scorpion people allowed the god Arh-Tolth to return to Aarklash.
The Scorpion army, enhanced by unimaginable monstrous creatures, has since begun to attack, destroy and conquer and flaming high the fires of war.

The Griffin has now been at war for decades against the Scorpion, and now they have chosen the best warriors  from all the Akkylannians to infiltrate and destroy the Scorpions from within.
This is where you come in .....

Starting solo you fight your way forward until you are met by another of the chosen few. A short journey and a few more fights, this time against slightly tougher opposition, you meet up with
two more, and the chosen band of heroes is complete.

CONFRONTATION has the feel of an MMO but the actions of an arcade action adventure game. Unlike most of these games, CONFRONTATION has you finding the odd useful item in
discarded or guarded chests with little, if anything at all, on the creatures killed. This makes more sense, after all, why would a four-legged lion/hyena/wolf hybrid creature carry 4 gold, a tunic,
2 potions and a crossbow ? Sod why ? How ? Is the better question.

This is a good game on many levels. It is an introductory strategy and tactics game (pause and order), it gives an idea of how MMOs play, plus it is an exciting adventure campaign that features
various forms of combat.


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