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Everdell: Newleaf

Everdell’s bustling city Newleaf has just opened its first train station, and many new critters and big ideas are rolling in. Newleaf introduces brand new critters, constructions, and exciting events to draw Visitor cards to your blossoming city!
Newleaf will include a beautiful new board that fits in on the right side of the Everdell game board, train tickets, Visitor Cards that will show up on the train station platform to award extra points at the end of the game, and much more!

Everdell: Mistwood

Lurking in the depths of Mistwood, the cunning and villainous Nightweave plots to take over Everdell. Recruit heroes of yore from the More Legends and Corrin Evertail packs, and transform your farms with our new Through Every Season expansion pack!

There is a Nightweave card in your deck of cards, but she’ll play an even larger role in Mistwood. With the new Nightweave module that will be included, Nightweave can function as an automated additional player that can play along with 1, 2, and 3 players!

This massive box includes all the contents of the Mistwood expansion and enough space to store all your Everdell games and upgrades. The Mistwood poster cover wraps around the Complete Collection Box with custom insert. While this box just includes the contents of the Mistwood expansion, you can fit all of your games inside and proudly display the Complete Collection Box in your collection.

Everdell: The Complete Collection

Build a city of critters and constructions and explore the Emerald Valley and beyond; celebrate the Bellfaire, wonder at Newleaf’s mechanical marvels, trek into the Spirecrest Mountains, and explore the underwater depths of Pearlbrook. Greet for the very first time the villainous Nightweave in our Mistwood Expansion, meet heroes of renown in our More Legends and Corrin Evertail expansion packs, and find abundance in new farms in our Through Every Season expansion pack.

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