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nfamous Quests’ Kickstarted Tale Releases Today for PC and Linux on Steam, GOG


SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 10, 2014Phoenix Online Publishing is excited to announce that Quest for InfamyTM, a humorous role-playing game inspired by classic adventures in which you play the charming villain, releases today for PC and Linux on Steam,, the Phoenix Online Store and other online retailers for $19.99. Consisting of over 200 beautifully hand-drawn scenes, and offering customizable spells, and three characters classes with unique storylines, players will lie, cheat and steal their way through turn-based RPG battles and adventure game puzzles on their way to infamy!

Meet William Roehm, witty and irreverent bastard, as he comes to the town of Volksville after slipping out of the Baron’s castle in the middle of the night, where he may or may not have dishonored the man’s daughter (spoiler alert: he did). Choose to play between the stealthy Rogue, the burly Brigand and the spell-wielding Sorcerer as Roehm ventures through the Valley of Krasna earning Infamy Points and, if he has time, saving the Kingdom of Lonaria as well.

“Quest for Infamy is the culmination of years of dreaming,” said Steven Alexander, company co-founder and designer of Quest for Infamy. “We wanted to create a game that combined the classic elements of adventure games we loved and role-playing elements as well, add our unique sense of humor and a touch of an epic story to create a memorable and authentic experience that would evoke feelings of nostalgia for the days of classic adventure gaming.”

Why be famous when you can be infamous? For more information, see

About Phoenix Online Publishing – Every Game Has a Story™

Phoenix Online Publishing is a new independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to market worldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio (The Silver Lining, Cognition), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company's website, !

About Infamous Quests

Founded in 2012 by Steven Alexander and Shawn Mills, Infamous Quests is a dedicated team committed to making games we would love to play ourselves. They came together with the common goal of creating fantastic games – ones that would feel like they came from and fit perfectly with the best titles of the golden era of adventure games. Visit for more information.

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