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Play 4 Victory, Play 4 Money – Combat Arms eSports!

4 times the Action, 4 times the Cash: Join the Combat Arms Tournament!

Luxembourg, 06 February 2013.   NEXON Europe is proud to announce the details for the upcoming season of eSports activity with ESL in 2013.  Including a Go4 Cup Series, cash prizes and LAN finals, Combat Arms is set for a busy and exciting year.

This year, Combat Arms is celebrating its 4th anniversary and with more than 6 million players Worldwide, Combat Arms is one the only F2P FPS games generating online matches. It is easy to handle and hundreds of clans are challenging each other every day. But starting in February things will change. Combat Arms will go to the next level with eSports integrations beginning with the new season in 2013. Sign up for this amazing tournament starts on Feb 6th on ESL website (


Go4 Series

From now on there will be one Go4CA Cup each week, where you can earn points to qualify for the monthly final. On every Sunday the Top 8 teams will receive points and the winning team will receive an additional €200.

The monthly final will take place at the end of each month. The final will consist of 8 teams who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a total prize money of€600, which will be split between the Top 2 teams.

There will also be 3 quarterly finals where the best European teams will be able to win a grand total of €2,000 in each final.

Last but not least the cream of the crop of Combat Arms eSports teams will be invited to the Grand LAN Final right at the ESL TV Studio in Cologne, where they will compete for their share of the30,000 Euro prize pot!

Damian Baran, in charge of Go4CA Cup for NEXON Europe commented, “For 4 years now we’ve received amazing support from our loyal Combat Arms fans whilst forming one of the largest FPS communities in Europe. With this tournament, we would like to show our gratitude for your continuing support by offering some upscale prizes. We wish you will have a blast this year in the competitive Combat Arms scene and that all of our players will enjoy this new level of clan competition. Sign up for the Go4CA Cup, celebrate our 4th anniversary and win some real cash.”

Events Summary: season of 10 months from February to November global Cash Prize of 50,000 Euros – all 57 events will receive cash prizes Go4CA with monthly finals quarterly season finals (Winter, Summer and Spring) live streamed Grand LAN Final, broadcast live from the ESL TV Studio

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