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ESL and NEXON Europe partner up for 50,000 US Dollar cash Combat Arms eSports league


Luxembourg, 05. April 2013 – Electronic Sports League, the most important league platform in eSports (electronic sports), and NEXON Europe, the publisher of Combat Arms, have joined forces to create an eSports league for this free-to-play First-Person-Shooter in the year of 2013. Each week there will be open competitions in the known product of Go4Cups with monthly and quarterly finals, each event with increasing prize purses and being of higher importance. Through this system of continuous competition in Combat Arms, by the end of the 10 month league, the best and most consistent teams will remain and will be invited to participate in the live event Finals in Cologne (Germany).


The first weekly and monthly cups are being played as we speak and the Go4CA league is gearing up for its first quarterly final with the best eight teams of the previous cups, which will be organized on April 10th and April 11th. The final match of the Winter Quarterly Final will be streamed on April 11th at 20:00 CET by Jason KAPLAN on ESL TV via, the world’s leading streaming platform for video gamers. In total, these eight teams will battle for 2,000 Euros and most importantly, secure a spot in the Grand Final live event held in the ESL TV studio later this year.


After the first Winter Quarterly Finals, we have two more Quarterly Finals lined up (Spring and Summer), which will have twelve teams participating each time, because the best teams of the three months previous will be invited instead of just two for the Winter Quarterly Finals. All winners of these Quarterly Finals will receive a spot in the Grand Final live event held in the ESL TV studio in Cologne (Germany).


Further information on the league format and system can be found by visiting the Go4Combat Arms portal on the ESL website:

All Combat Arms’ ESL tournament videos can be watched on NEXON Europe’s YouTube channel:

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