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Warfare Goes Beyond Earth in Combat Arms

New Lunar Labs Map with Exciting Events

Luxembourg, 25th June 2013. NEXON Europe is excited to announce the new Lunar Labs map for Combat Arms, where low gravity means high rewards for daredevils. There will be exciting events to celebrate the blast into space.


Lunar Labs Map

As if Combat Arms’ planet Earth wasn’t a big enough battleground, now players can face the new challenges of the Lunar Lab from 26th June.

Players have mastered stealth, sniping, and assault weapons on Earth, but now the rules have changed with the introduction of low gravity. Jump across the map, land behind enemy lines, or score a headshot from midair with huge jumps. Veteran players will soon discover that in order to succeed in a low gravity environment, graceful movement is as vital as accuracy.


To celebrate the Lunar Labs map, NEXON will be launching several exciting events between 26th June and 9th July.

The Lunar Labs are disorientating rooms. The low gravity influences gameplay, choice of weapons, and gear. Players who learn how to achieve victory can share their knowledge for the chance to be rewarded with an outstanding balance of Nexon Cash.

For a chance to win up to 100,000 NX, players can simply upload a screenshot of their character with their weapon and gear, along with a paragraph explaining their load-out and tactics in the NEXON forum at:
Additionally, players who battle it out in the new map for five consecutive days will enter a prize draw. Those who master the new laws of physics and notch up 50 kills a day also have the chance to receive rewards. And all those who play in the Lunar Labs from 26th June to 9th July will earn 100% additional EXP and GP.



New User Interface

Combat Arms Command has been busy beefing up Combat Arms with new features and content, and is excited to share these with players. As well as new maps and events, the interface has been re-designed so that you can find matches more easily, equip soldiers more quickly, and enjoy your victory with friends.  It’s never been simpler to jump into battle in Combat Arms, and with the new Lunar Labs map, players can literally jump.

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