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Columbia Games has released an update to the rules for Shenandoah: Jackson's Valley Campaign (1862).  The rules are available free in PDF format from the Columbia Games website. 

Amendments in version 1.1 are as follows:

4.21 Headquarters: HQs no longer count for move limits or supply stacking.

4.23 Cavalry that retreat on the first round of a battle, must take pursuit fire from enemy cavalry.

5.11 Jackson Command: The Jackson HQ now has Command Range 2.

5.13 Force March: CSA "foot cavalry" fail only with a roll of 1-2.

9.0 shields Division: deployment options revised.

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Players who own the game are encouraged to try out the rules.  Comments and ratings are welcome on the page about Shenandoah or any other venue.


The new 4th edition, funded on Kickstarter, is  available now.  The success of the Kickstarter campaign has made Napoléon better for everyone - all 4th edition copies have metallic foil unit labels and a deluxe map and battleboards.

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