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THE LAST SPIKE      A Kickstarting game by Tom Dalgliesh

Players must cooperate to build a continuous railway from St. Louis to Sacramento. Different routes are possible and some towns never get a railway link. Each player competes to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the “last spike” is laid.

PLAYERS:  2–6 players, Ages 10+

PLAY TIME:  45–60 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: The game is fast paced. You must act quickly to grab the best land, but you also need to give your competitors a helping hand now and then so the railway gets built where you want it to go.  Quick to learn, the game is great fun for both kids and adults.

GAMEBOARD depicts the USA from St Louis west to Sacramento. Routes for the railway may include Omaha, Dodge City, Denver, El Paso, Laramie, Yuma, and Ogden. The eastern part is relatively flat, but there are some wide rivers to cross. West of Denver is the high Rockies where track building budgets soar.



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