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Combat Infantry: EastFront

A few days left!

We are coming to the end of our KickStarter campaign for Combat Infantry: EastFront! 

We are appreciative of the solid following we have had for this game. Many of you have turned into die-hard fans that are fully vested in seeing this product line continue. This was not only proven by the Scenario Design Contest, but also that this Kickstarter had one of our best "day one" reactions for any of our Kickstarters to date.

The steppe terrain map, shown to the left, is relatively flat with a few low hills – good tank country of course. 

The German units, shown below, show an early war German squad, bigger (4-step) but less firepower.  And three early war tanks. the Panzer II, Panzer III, and Panzer IV.  None of them can match the Soviet T-34 and KV1.  The German mix will also contain two more StuG IIIs and an early Panther.   Also a 50mm mortar attached to each platoon, along with German anti-tank in use before the Panzershrek (a superior copy of the American bazooka) showed up in 1943.  

Combat Infantry: EastFront  Kickstarter has begun!

  Download the Combat Infantry rules!

Want to know a little deeper as to why Combat Infantry is becoming talked about so much in wargaming circles? Download the rules to find out!

These rules are for Combat Infantry: Westfront. However, the rules will be much the same as in Eastfront, just with different forces, factions, and maps!
Download the Rules!

Combat Infantry: East Front  Kickstarter begins Tuesday! 
Combat Infantry has gotten a lot of followers since it's release last year. It is little surprise that Combat Infantry:East Front will be released now to cover the German/Soviet part of the conflict.

A link directly to the Kickstarter will be given in the next update!  Download the Victory rules!
As we await the arrival of Victory from the printer, we have the almost-final copy of the rules that we are ready to share.

Being this close to sending out the game, any comments are appreciated.  Download the Rules!
Invasions Kickstarter ending soon.
Our good friend Phillipe Thibaut, (creator of Europa Universal is and The Great War 14-18), has his boardgame Invasions that is ending soon. You should give it a look. 

Phillipe is currently working on a mutual project with Columbia Games to bring the Columbia Block gaming line to the PC! :)
Victory! Has started processing!
The Victory Kickstarter components have all arrived at the main station and are being assembled right now!

Shipping will commence soon afterward! Please excuse us if we are slow to respond in the next week or two, as this will take most of our time until after the shipments are out.

Combat Infantry surpasses funded status!

We are excited that this Kickstarter has gotten of to such a great start. We were almost fully funded within the first 24 hours.

We are all very excited about how fast we were funded on this project! We are already thinking of new expansions on the horizon after this one. If you have any preferences on campaigns, units, maps, or anything else, please let us know in the comments section on the Kickstarter!

Go to the Kickstarter!

Grant Logie joins scenario development team!

As if winning $1000 game dollar prize for writing the best scenario for the Combat Infantry Scenario Design Contest wasn't enough! Little did he know that Tom Dalgliesh himself would soon reach out to him to write scenarios for the upcoming CI: EastFront project!

Of course, we are not going to waste any talent! We have also reached out to the other contest winners:   Giulio Bottazzi,  Mark and Susan Buetow, and Leonard Ances for their help as we progress. We are are happy to announce that they are more than enthusiastic about this! 

There are going to be some great scenarios in this boxed set!

Go to the Kickstarter!



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