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Columbia Games will be at GenCon.  We have a booth in the dealer hall and are supporting events.  We're keen to support more events.

Grant and Tom Dalgliesh will be at GenCon along with Hârn talent Richard Luschek and Brent Bailey. 

GM Garry Hamlin has an exciting Hârn event planned:

So Far Away From Home
Your longship's wrecked, you're running from the people you've been raiding. They're armed and hungry for vengeance. You're half-drowned with only what you can scrounge. Going to be a long walk home.


HârnCon will be back in 2014, in Vancouver, Canada. 

July 18-20, 2014

Grant and Tom Dalgliesh will be there. Don't miss it.


Fort Taztos, ThardaFort Taztos, Tharda

Fort Taztos is an outpost of the Ramala Legion of the Thardic Republic. It sits on the Salt Route that links the western Hârnic realms with the kingdoms of the east. The fort has a permanent garrison of 100 (75 infantry and 25 cavalry), which is hopelessly inadequate for their appointed task of patrolling the huge Athul wilderness. Taztos may have the most skilled troops in the Thardic army and is regarded as "the hard school," where a man fights well or not at all.

The Taztos article describes the fort's history, layout, and garrison. Also described are the nearby barrows, believed by most to be haunted. Additionally, GM and player local maps are included as well as interior plans for the fort itself, all in full-color.



Kelestia is the Hârnic word for everything that exists, the sum total of all universes and all realities. Metaphysical and religious beliefs always blur into each other. It is often difficult to determine where one kind of belief stops and the other begins; both are ambiguous and esoteric.

This article explains Hârnic metaphysical beliefs and provides suggestions to gamemasters as to how these beliefs might be incorporated into fantasy gaming.

Gardiren #10: The Jug Inn
Gardiren, Jug Inn
The Jug Inn sits in a prime location just south of Gardiren's wharf and offers a magnificent view over the Shem River. Trivin of Jasath, the proprietor, caters mainly to wealthy guildsmen and nobles. He discourages riffraff by keeping the room rates high and by serving only fine food and expensive wines and brandies. Trivin is an important man in town and has a very inquisitive nature; he is always seeking to uncover any secrets his guests may have.

The Jug Inn is a location expansion intended for use with the Gardiren Castle article (COL #5623). It describes the establishment, its services, staff, and clientele. Full-color plans of the inn are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.


Cherafir ClothierCherafir #D5 Clothier

Valeth the Robewright runs a small, exclusive clothier's shop that specializes in custom-tailored vestments, gowns, robes, and other ecclesiastic wear. He and his journeymen produce garments featuring designs for the Laranian, Peonian, Halean, and Save-K'norian churches and fighting orders. His clientele are senior clerics and noble religious warriors who can afford his fine wares. Despite his upstanding reputation, there is more to Valeth than meets the eye.

This location expansion is intended for use with the City of Cherafir article (COL #5701). It describes the master clothier and his establishment. Full-color plans of the building are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.

Shiran #E14 Bull Ring Tavern

Shiran TavernThe Bull Ring Tavern is located in the cellar of a nondescript warehouse in the Kobar District, home to many of Shiran's poorer residents. Although most popular with ordinary folk, the Bull Ring is also frequented by members of wealthy land-owning clans seeking a taste of the forbidden. Some patrons appreciate the poor illumination and the lack of questions as long as one's coin is good. Some activities demand privacy and discretion. The tavern features a fighting pit, where men and animals fight for the entertainment of the crowd. The Bull Ring is a nasty, merciless place, and is owned by Goril of Ardair, the head of the local Lia-Kavair (Thieves' Guild).

This location expansion is intended for use with the City of Shiran article (COL #5790). It describes the establishment, its proprietor, and the sordid events that take place. Full-color plans of the building are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.


Heru Keep, KaldorHeru Keep, Kaldor

Heru Keep occupies a strategic location on the road between Olokand and Tashal and controls the only crossing of the Shem River south of Gardiren. The settlement is part of the fief of the Earl of Osel and is held for him by his constable, Sir Bereden Pawade, a skilled administrator who has dramatically increased the revenue of the estate.

The town itself, although modest on the surface, teems with intrigue as agents of various factions vie for position in the succession dispute that is sure to follow the death of Kaldor's King Miginath.


Menio Keep, MelderynMenio Keep, Melderyn

Menio is the heart of a wealthy barony in northeastern Melderyn. The economy is driven by the pottery trade. The many kilns of the Potters' Guild are fed by barges of charcoal and the smell of smoke is everywhere. Poul Morezyn, the young baron, ignores his responsibility to govern his fief and is rapidly emptying the coffers it took his father years to fill. His mother and his liege hope that marriage might tame him; there are no lack of would-be brides. 

The Menio Keep article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, and economics, with special attention to the important pottery trade. Descriptions of craftsmen and other locations in the settlement are included, as well as full-color GM and player maps and complete floor plans for the keep.

LycanthropesThe folklore of almost all Hârnic and Lythian cultures includes tales of lycanthropes and their origins. Lycanthropes are people who have been cursed to involuntarily alter their form to that of a half-human, half-animal creature, typically during the night of a full moon. Although werewolves are the most common type of lycanthrope, the accursed may take on other forms, including that of a werebear or werecat.

Lycanthropes is a bestiary article that includes full descriptions and HârnMaster stats for werewolves, werebears, and werecats. It describes how lycanthropy is spread and possible remedies for it, as well as how the various Hârnic religions view the affliction. HârnMaster rules are given for GMs to generate lycanthropes, either as player characters or NPCs.


Harden CharcoalerHarden Charcoaler

Noran of Faloran's charcoaling camp is in Bujdel Forest, a league or so across the Horka River from Harden Castle in Melderyn. Noran is a shrewd businessman and an expert in woodlore and timbercraft. He has had a license to harvest timber for charcoal in Bujdel Forest for many years. He is a skilled forager and keen waterfowler on Elierna Bog, and some suspect him of being a poacher.

This article is a location expansion intended for use with the Harden Castle article (COL #5718). It describes the charcoaler and his camp. Full-color plans of the camp are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.

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