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Summer Conventions and Free Shipping  

The summer convention season is here.  Two marquee events are noted below.  And for those who are unable to attend either show, we are offering free shipping! 

Free shipping on most Columbia Games products until August 10th.   You must use the promo code "summercons" to get free shipping.

GenCon begins Thursday July 30th  

Columbia Games is coming to GenCon.  We have Booth Number 2436 and are supporting several boardgame events. Tom and Grant Dalgliesh will be attending.  Victory in Europe card artist Richard Luschek will also be present.

Gencon events are introductory sessions and rules will be taught to new players.

Wizard Kings: Daily at 8:00 AM
Dwarves Drowned, Elves Ambushed, Mountains Moved, Bridges Burnt, Cities Sacked, Virgins Sacrificed; Learn to play in 15 minutes, Fun for the entire family.

Wizard Kings is an exciting fantasy battle game with armies of elves, dwarves, orcs, undead, and three human armies (feudal, barbarian, amazon). Players customize their armies and fight for control of strategic cities and terrain on geomorphic maps.

Victory in Europe: Thursday at 6:00 PM
Victory in Europe puts you in control of Axis, Allied, or Soviet strategy in WWII. Fight in the air, fight at sea, and fight on land with more than 180 hardwood blocks representing the forces of every nation involved. The game is driven by 108 full color cards that control initiative, movement, & combat. Every game plays differently.

The Last Spike: Sunday at 10:00 AM
Players cooperate to build a continuous railway from St Louis to Sacramento, seeking to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the "last spike" is laid. 

Building the great railways of the 19th century was more about land speculation than engineering. The companies that financed and built the railways received land grants from the government and investors made and lost fortunes speculating on the exact route a railway would follow. In The Last Spike, players cooperate to build a continuous railway from St Louis to Sacramento, seeking to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the “last spike” is laid. Average playing time is one hour.

We will be playing with a final prototype of the game, which will be released in September 2015.

WBC begins Monday August 3rd

Columbia Games WBC Tournaments begin on Wednesday August 5th.

Wednesday: Julius Caesar - Demo 9:00 AM / Tournament begins at 10:00 AM
Thursday: Hammer of the Scots - Demo 9:00 AM / Tournament begins at 10:00 AM
Friday: Victory in Europe - Demo 9:00 AM / Tournament begins at 10:00 AM
Saturday: Slapshot - Junior Event 7:00 PM / Regular Tournament begins at 11:00 PM

Columbia Games products will be sold at a shared booth in the dealer hall.   Tom and Penny Dalgliesh will be attending.

The Last Spike prototype will be available for casual gaming!   


Youtube Columbia GamesTake a look at the Columbia Games Channel on

There are more than 50 videos to watch.

A recent review of the Last Spike prototype by Marco Arnaudo is among the new videos.



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