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Victory in Europe Progress Update
Victory in Europe

VICTORY IN EUROPE: a strategic block wargame of World War II, for 2 or 3 players. Plays in 3-5 hours on an oval map of Europe.

We are playtesting and editing, finding ways to improve V. E. every day.   A new rules beta has been posted today. 

Drafts of all of the artwork will be shared in the coming weeks.  Shown below is the Axis Order of Battle card showing which Axis units start the game in 1939 and which can be built as the war progresses.

Axis OB card


Two exciting game conventions are fast approaching.

The World Boardgame Championships in Lancaster, PA begin in early August.  Columbia Games has a vendor table and is supporting several tournament events including Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and Hammer of the Scots.   URGENT NOTE: An assistant GM is needed for Hammer of the Scots.  Contact us ASAP if you can help run the event at WBC. Hammer of the Scots runs on Thursday at 15:00 and there is a demo scheduled for 20:00 on Wednesday night with a mulligan round afterward at 21:00.

GenCon is later in August (14-17) in Indianapolis, IN.  Columbia Games has a booth at this show and plans to support several game events.   Come see us in Indy!

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