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Duel of the Mushroom Collectors
The gourmets’ duel Fungi by Pegasus Spiele expands their diversified line of 2-player-games by one tactical treat

FRIEDBERG , March 31st 2014 : Collecting the right ingredients in order to prepare tasty dishes – that is the new inventive 2-player gem Fungi by Pegasus Spiele in a nutshell. In a peaceful competition players embark on a walk in the woods to look for preferably rare, edible mushrooms. Eventually they sauté their collected mushrooms in a pan over the campfire, refined with butter and cider, to gain the most Flavor Points.

The players stand amidst a forest, represented by a card display, and savory mushrooms beckon from every corner near and far. In his turn, a player has the choice to either collect mushrooms, put down his pan or cook previously collected mushrooms in his pan. But he can also sell mushrooms to the local populace to receive precious advice on where to find exquisite mushrooms. And if a player even manages to get hold of mushrooms in the moonlight, his chances rise significantly to score high with his culinary skills.

Due to its appreciation for thematic detail and its atmospheric illustrations Fungi is a delight for tactics connoisseurs. The culinary duel Fungi by Brent Povis was first released in the US in 2012 as “Morels”. It offers tasteful entertainment for 2 players ages 10 an up for 20-40 minutes. This Spring Pegasus Spiele releases Fungi with entirely new illustrations as part of its line of 2-player-games. RRP 9,95 €

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