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Claybook is powered by our in-house developed technology called Clayfield. Using this technology we can render and simulate rich volumetric clay environments. Clayfield makes new kind of user-generated content possible. Players can unleash their creativity without having to worry about the technical details. Our technology is designed for butter smooth 60 fps gameplay on PC and consoles.


CLAYBOOK on the PC and the PS4 brings a whole gamut of brand new ideas to the genre of puzzles and problem solving games.

It is played in Chapters with each having its own time consuming but highly entertaining manipulating of virtually everything onscreen until you solve the perplexing logic puzzle that allows you to move on.


Your part in the game is to help the onscreen players to mold and morph their blobs of clay into the necessary shapes required to change the original landscape/terrain into the Goal of the Chapter. One click of the button can change the shape from an oval to a cylinder to a square to a ball and each of these shapes is required to complete various aspects of each puzzle. Rolling across a large flat is generally better with the cylindrical shape while going uphill is easier with a rolling ball. Squares gain more clay or at least pick it up quickly and ovals are good for getting out of holes that the player usually erroneously makes by going round and round too fast on the same spot or fails to use the correct shape of clay to jump across a gap.

There isn't a lot I can say about it without giving clues away, which I am loathe to do, but I will say it took me back many, many years to when I used to play with Plasticine for hours on end. Here you can roll the blobs and balls of clay so that they take on different shapes or collect the clay they are rolling over so they get bigger but no less pliable. I find I get all the pleasure of playing with coloured clay without the mess, and no tiny pieces under my fingernails that need painful scraping to clean.

You can have so much fun playing it in sandbox mode whereby you can go wherever you want onscreen with impunate ease and freedom. The game looks so simple to begin with but as you play on it gets addictive, like one of those handheld games where you are trying to get all four ball bearings into the four dimples in the maze, you know it can be done with steadfast care and there is no way you are going to let it beat you.

At first play you think there isn't a lot to this, just rolling a clay shape along on a clay based mat. But give it a few minutes and you will find, quite suddenly, the intensity of which you are playing has risen beyond the casual first approach. It challenges you to think, to solve puzzles that at first don't even look to be puzzles and it ensures you grip the controller tightly (PS4) as you strive to control this little blob of clay and make it do your bidding. Variable camera angles and easy mouse/keyboard/controller controls make this a favourite game to return to time and again.


Second Order Invites you to Play With Clay and Bring Plasticine Worlds to Life Today on the Nintendo Switch

HELSINKI, FINLAND (MARCH 12, 2019) - Independent game studio Second Order — founded by former Ubisoft - RedLynx Studio veterans — is thrilled to announce that their colorful clay-manipulating physics-based puzzle adventure Claybook is now available on Nintendo Switch! Players can carve, shape, and balance their way through challenging puzzles and create and share mind-boggling moldable landscapes online across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

“The excitement surrounding Claybook’s arrival on Switch has been truly moving,” said Sami Saarinen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Second Order. “We’re very happy to be able to finally share it with the world and eager to challenge Nintendo fans’ puzzle abilities. We can’t wait to see what wondrous creations Switch players will come up with.” 

A universe of wonder awaits the minds of those curious enough to delve into the pages of the Claybook — a stage for all manner of clay creations brought to life by an imaginative child (the player’s in-game alter ego). Balance over tricky obstacles and pathways, take control of the surrounding objects, carve out paths, or add more clay to shape the landscape in the many wonderful chapters available to explore. Custom “Clayfield” technology creates true-to-life volumetric clay visuals and physics, giving the fantastically themed settings in the fully dynamic and transformable environment a sense of reality. 

Claybook invites players to stretch their creative muscles and form their own pliable playgrounds for sharing with others across multiple platforms! The Claybook editor gives players all the tools they need to bring their clayscape directly from their imagination to the screen! Players can choose from over 50 available in-game shapes and give their custom clay stages some oomph with gameplay mechanics that spawn possessable shapes and new objectives. The world can be filled with solid clay or fluid-filled obstacles while cause-and-effect triggers amp up the challenge in their limitless claygrounds. Whether players choose to mold puzzles that will stump even the most skilled puzzle masters, or simply want to let their imagination run wild in sandbox mode, the possibilities are endless! 

Claybook is available on Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop in North America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The game is also available for Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and features full cross-platform access to community-generated content. 

Want to see more? Check out the Claybook launch trailer: [YouTube]:

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Second Order is an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in October 2015 by two veteran game developers behind the Ubisoft - RedLynx Studio’s Trials game series (Trials HD, Trials Evolution and Trials Fusion), this exciting development team aims to bring fresh and unique gameplay experiences to mass audiences across a wide range of platforms with clever mixed of innovative technology and unique game design. Claybook is the first game developed and self-published by Second Order. 

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