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The Just Trains Class 60 locomotive and the Class 60 & Freight Wagons collection have now been updated to full Advanced specifications for Train Simulator 2014.

Low-priced Upgrade Packs are also available for existing owners of the original
Class 60 add-ons.

All the new Advanced add-ons and Upgrade Packs now include three different types of Just Trains Mk.1 coach in a brown and cream livery: Brake Standard Open, First Open and Tourist Standard Open.


£13.99 / €17.95 / $20.99

Upgrade for existing owners

£4.99 / €5.95 / $7.99


£19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99

Upgrade for existing owners

£6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99

The Advanced update provides Advanced operating controls, realistic systems and authentic sounds, but If you just want to jump into the cab and use the TS2014 HUD controls, there's an easy-to-use Switcher tool so you can swap between the simple HUD controls and operating the Advanced controls in the cab!

Advanced features include:

Auto Slow Speed Control to select a slow speed of 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, or 2.7 MPH - the locomotive will accelerate/decelerate automatically to hold the set speed

Operational slow-speed speedometer

Dynamic exhaust - see dense smoke at start-up, and the colour and density of exhaust smoke varies with engine load and temperature

Electronic power control system regulates traction motor current and engine RPM

AWS/DSD self-test

After emergency brake application following an AWS or DSD alert, there is a
105-second timer before the brakes can be released again

Brake pressure reaction times and indications vary according to the amount of rolling stock connected to the locomotive

Realistic air brake controls with centre return (when controlled from keyboard)

Working train length button     Variable-speed, independent left and right rain-clearing wipers which work with TS2014 rain effects

Visual sander effects               Working cab, clipboard and instrument lights

Individual horn tones               Enhanced cab detail and texturing

Custom couplings, driver model and bogie and coupling sounds



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