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Welcome, noble stranger, to the City of Trade!
Portrayed by storytellers as a city of endless opportunity, Jadid, City of Trade and Gateway to the Jade Empire, is nothing of the sort. A few citizens have prospered on the blood and sweat of others, and it is they who have the only voice. For most, Jadid is like any other city—a place to live, work, and die a pauper. It is not a city without troubles, either. The sphinxes resent Jadid’s growing influence with the distant Jade Empire, and its emir grows more paranoid each day.

Inside you’ll find:
* An overview of the social structure.
* Details of how the illusion of wealth governs daily life.
* Notes concerning education, religion, law & order, trade, and architecture in the city.
* Details on Jadid’s army and navy.
* 3 new Edges.
* 20 locations, including The Dancing Jinni, the Library of All-Knowledge, and Shamal’s Shop of Wonders.
* 7 notable NPCs.

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