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Effective immediately, the city building game City Tycoon at Pegasus Games. Two to five players construct buildings and power plants and try to win over the citizens of the city for himself. At the end of the game the winner will be appointed mayor.

FRIEDBERG 01, MARCH 2013 - In City Tycoon, players join together to jointly build a new city. This leads them to achieve not only about profits, they want to meet the needs of citizens. Additionally, they must make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Must, for example, power plants are built and integrated into the fabric of the city.

However, some self-interest behind it, because the aim of the game is to be mayor. While all expand the city together, they still maintain their own buildings in the eye and try to place them as profitable as possible. On the one hand they have to blend in with the city, on the other hand they must not be too far from the power plants, as players have to transport their raw materials through the city to their buildings. Only a correct and timely POWERED building may yield revenue.

Tycoon City is a city building game by Hubert Bartos and Lukasz P. Kowal for two to five players, ages ten years. The simple construction rules may be combined with an exciting selection mechanism to determine the distribution of the buildings. Once the building fever has seized the player  the four rounds fly by.

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