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Chronicle City Expands

Chronicle City continues to expand its operations with the addition of T.R. Knight as the Community Coordinator of the company alongside its founder, Angus Abranson and Creative Director, James 'Grim' Desborough.

T.R. will have particular focus on community development, overseeing our online presence, coordinating our demo teams, reviewing community submissions, and interacting with our fans online and face to face at events.  He also has some creative projects mulling over in his mind that you will be seeing soon on the Chronicle City slate.  If you are interested in running games for Chronicle City at a convention/game shop or have a submission you would like reviewed, please contact T.R. (email: or Facebook:

"Working for Chronicle City is a dream come true. I have gotten to know Angus over the past couple of years as I have dipped my toes into the game industry to find my niche.  Chronicle City has a strong focus on the community.  We want to build relationships with our fans and game industry fellows through open dialogue.  Community also includes collaboration with other writers and publishers to bring their wonderful games to fans everywhere.  I hope to be a catalyst that builds strong relationship bonds among the gaming community," T.R. said.

T.R is new to the game industry but has a long and varied history in the gaming community.  He has been a friendly confidant and sounding board for Angus, involved from the beginning as a volunteer muse in the development and growth of Chronicle City.  T.R. brings extensive knowledge of technology and experience in collaboration building from his decades working in the Information Technology industry of Higher Education.    

“It’s great to officially welcome T.R. on board as part of the team. He’s helped massively over the last year and, from many hours talking through ideas and plans, I’ve no doubt he’ll do very well here at Chronicle City and brings a wealth of talent with him,” added Angus.

Chronicle City is a new British based games publisher set up by multi-award winning publisher Angus Abranson (ex-Cubicle 7; Leisure Games).  Chronicle City is working with a number of companies and designers to publish their games, as well as designing their own roleplaying, card and board games.

You can find out more information about Chronicle City, and their games, at:



Twitter: @Chronicle_City


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