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CHOOSE ONE is a party / family game designed by Andrew Looney (of LooneyLabs)  for 3 - 10 players. It is okay with 3 players but better with 4 or 5 or even more.

The tag-line is "How well do you know your friends?" and that gives you great insight into what to expect from the game. It is APPLES to APPLES as near as it can be without actually being called Apples to Apples.
It is a card game with the cards split into two halves, one Blue, one White, on which there is a word or phrase, and the players have a hand of  5 of these cards. Each player also has two of their own cards, one White and one Blue (now there's a coincidence) which they will keep and use throughout the game.

CHOOSE ONE is a straight-forward game where players are required to be truthful and not bluff (bluff as in change their minds). On their Turn each player selects one of the cards from their hand and decides which of the two words (or phrases) suit them better, the one in the Blue area or the one in the White area. They place this card face up so that all the other players can see it. We suggest that the player at turn, known as the "chooser", now places [face down] their colour card that matches the colour on their selected game card. Doing this prevents any change of mind. Now the other players each select one of their Choice cards (the White or the Blue) and when everyone is ready all Choice cards are revealed at the same time. Once the Choice cards are revealed the Choosers Choice card is flipped to reveal how many other players have matched with it.

If at least one player has guessed correctly and one player has guessed incorrectly there will be a scoring. If aall players have guessed correctly nobody scores and if all players guess incorrectly then the player whose turn it was scores. Scoring takes place on a board that has a running track from Start to Winner with 1-10 rungs in-between (take it all the way up to 11 points to win).

The cards are generally such that even if the other players know you well, the choices are generally fairly similar, such as Marilyn Monroe or Madonna?, East Coast or West Coast? (that would depend if it is the USA or the UK for me personally) orThomas Edison or Nikola Tesla ? whichever one is chosen it would be correct. 

The scoring pieces are mostly, if not all, an odd assortment of playing pieces from various, previous LOONEYLAB Games: These pieces are a dark blue Wine Bottle, a black Button, a red Wooden Heart, a Green gem, a White Hut, a HotDog roll, a purple Brain, a yellow Rocket, a silver Nut (as in nut & bolt) and a light blue Car. There is a small draw-sack to keep the pieces safe in.

CHOOSE ONE is a good, fun, family game that will no doubt cause a few ructions amongst players who disagree with each other as well as a good few laughs. The cards are strong, flexible and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of use and it is even possible to use each one once by every player as there is no right or wrong choice, just the personal one. There are also enough cards to ensure that you can play several times without ever using the same card twice, that's the brilliance of the idea. The player's pawns are an interesting selection, and in many games losing one might be disastrous, but in CHOOSE ONE you can literally use anything you wish (as long as it fits on the board and isn't alive, so no use using one of your cats - though you might get away with using a Tortoise or a Sloth).

Plays for 30 minutes give or take a few. An entertainment you would do well to consider for your family after dinner get together at Christmas and Birthdays, when you've eaten too much or had one or two too many, and are not feeling energetic. belongs in several game genres such as Family, Strategy and Beer & Pretzel. If you like the Apples to Apples type of "trivia" games then this is one you might like to add to your list.





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