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There's a few good old products now available as PDF downloads but we are pleased to announce that the first real new product, C&S Essence, is now out.  Orginally a 4 page free download, its been completely re worked with an added introduction to the Darken setting (a kingdom set in the Dragon Reaches of Marakush), an adventure and some basic skirmish rules for larger battles.

Our current plans revolve mainly around products we had in development.  These are:

C&S Core Rules - The full blown rules, a complete revamp of C&S The Rebirth, character generation has gone from 30 pages to 70 for example.

Children of the Night - Vampires & Lycanthrope Companion
Land of the Rising Sun - a revised version of the classic Japanese setting written by Lee Gold)
SPQR - Ancient Rome sourcebook using C&S core rules written by Phil McGregors
Marakush Arcana - Marakush sourcebook adding more spells, items etc
Urtind - Marakush Kingdom sourcebook
Duchy of Maks - Marakush Kingdom sourcebook
Darken - Marakush Kingdom sourcebook
Treason - a Marakush Adventure
Creag Hill - Adventure (Dimebook size ala Under the Castle Gates)
To Save The Kingdom - A Marakush Adventure with Pregen characters including Karonus - Play the adventure where Karonus became Kyng of Urtind.
and last but not least

The Art of War (working Title) - set of wargame rules in three parts, skirmish, mass battle and math alogorithm. Includes rules for building units from a basic serf up.
I cant promise that they will all be out next year but these are the projects that we are currently working on.
They may seem ambitious plans but this is continuing on from what we had before the hibernation, the bulk of them have already been written so we can move into layout and editing of most of these.
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