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Chime was a much-loved music puzzle game on Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and PSN. NOW Chime + new music + new modes + new visuals = CHIME SHARP.

CHIME has been revised into CHIME SHARP via KICKSTARTER and it is a madcap game with similarities to the famed and famous board and computer game TETRIS.

There are 15 Levels (maybe more) but only 5 are open to start with, the other 10 are locked as are the possible game modes Sharp, Strike and Challenge, until you reach the necessary scores.

The 5 Open Levels are:
Korea Town.
I Know You Love To Fall.
Battle Mountain.

The 2 Open Modes are:
Practice and Standard; these being available for all of the Open Levels.

The game is played on a large grid with a timer and a phaser. The player has three shapes on display at the toip of the board and the highlighted shape is the one that is available. It automatically appears on the cursor and you can turn it around via the RH Mouse Button and then set into position by the LH Mouse button - once placed it cannot be moved.

However the phaser, which continually travels from left to right across the grid like a scanner light, and after a few scans it begins to destroy the pieces you have placed.

The idea is to place the pieces as quick as possible, filling in the gaps and leaving no spaces if possible, scoring points for the best placings.

The light moves fast, the timer moves fast, the game moves fast, but if the player doesn't move fast the game will pass him/her by.

It's amusing but only in short passages of time; there isn't quite the addictiveness I had hoped for.  

If Tetris is a game you like to play this is a short term alternative.





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