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Cheapass Games announces Deadwood Studios Kickstarter

Seattle, Washington - February 26, 2013 - Board game publisher Cheapass Games is launching a Kickstarter Campaign at noon on March 1. The project is Deadwood Studios, USA: a deluxe reprint of a board game about bit actors working on a Western backlot.

The original Deadwood board game was released in 1999. This new edition will have improved rules, updated text, and all-new artwork from Hugo Award-winning cartoonist Phil Foglio.

Deadwood is a fast, fun board game for 2-8 players. Everyone is a bit actor, and the board is the movie studio. Every round, players move from set to set, taking acting roles like “shot in leg” and “falls off roof,” and rolling dice to see if they “acted” well.

Cheapass Games hopes to raise $35k in this Kickstarter, offering many great pledge rewards to early backers. Some of the limited rewards include custom dice packs for the game, original artwork, and even a visit from designer James Ernest and artist Phil Foglio.

“This is our biggest project of the year,” says Cheapass president and lead designer James Ernest. “Kickstarter is a great way to find out how much demand we’ll have for a new game, before we have to take a gamble on printing it.”

Deadwood is part of a new 2013 lineup from Cheapass Games that includes Unexploded Cow, Fish Cook, Veritas, and Captain Treasure Boots. These games are the first that Cheapass has printed in more than six years, and they represent a big comeback for this little game studio.

Cheapass Games has been making original tabletop games since 1996. They have won eleven Origins Awards for game design and graphic design, and James Ernest is a member of the Origins Awards Hall of Fame. Their best-known products include Kill Doctor Lucky, Give Me the Brain, Lord of the Fries, Button Men, Diceland, and BRAWL. You can find many of their games in a free print-and-play format at their double-secret website,

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