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Square Enix continues mobile RPG series with CHAOS RINGS III

Available Now on Mobile Devices!

LONDON ( 28th May 2015) –   Square Enix Ltd., today announced that the highly anticipated CHAOS RINGS ® III, the latest addition in the renowned CHAOS RINGS series, is now available on iOS and Android devices.

CHAOS RINGS III is set within Neo Paleo, a maritime city on a floating continent where adventurers gather to realize their dreams of reaching Marble Blue – an azure planet far off in the skies that features treasure, new lands and mythical beasts to experience. Players take on the role of Nazca, a young man living with his sister in a small village. After Naszca hears a beautiful maiden’s voice, urging him to reach Marble Blue, he makes his way to Neo Paleo to discover the fabled garden of myth, Paradisus.

“The CHAOS RINGS franchise has been a mobile RPG leader for more than five years, gaining praise worldwide for its rich visuals, compelling scenarios and superb music,” said Takehiro Ando, producer of the CHAOS RINGS series. “With CHAOS RINGS III, our goal is to deliver a game exemplary to the series’ appeal and core pillars, while enhancing the player experience through new original characters, an expansive world and storyline, complete with next-gen mobile gameplay.”

Some of CHAOS RINGS III’s key features include:

CHAOS RINGS III is available now on iOS and Android devices for £14.99/€19.99. For more information visit:

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