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The sequel to Champions of Midgard is now live on Kickstarter

** Reavers of Midgard Now LIVE! ([UNIQID])
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Today is the moment so many Champions of Midgard fans have been waiting for and we're incredibly excited for it. After years of work, Reavers of Midgard, the sequel to Champions of Midgard, is now live on Kickstarter ([UNIQID]) .

This single worker placement and dice placement game by J.B. Howell puts you in the role of a viking conqueror who sails forth and claim what's theirs.

Kickstarter exclusives include a special first player mini and wooden pieces included. We hope to unlock a lot more over the course of the campaign itself.

Check out the graphic below for a look at How to Play Reavers of Midgard.
You can find that rulebook right here. ([UNIQID])
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