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Mayfair Games now have around 40 (yes 40) products with the Catan brand.

Klaus Teuber's boardgame has become the phenomonon of the boardgame world and Mayfair have ensured that
it continues to grow by helping it build into a collection of top quality games and expansions. The list on their own
website is quite extensive but doesn't include the excellent paper maps they produce to allow you to expand your
games further without the need to buy a new boxed version each time.

Visit the Mayfair Catan pages

Play Catan online

Below you can see some pictures of the super additional maps. These are high in quality, printed in full colour on
strong, glossy paper. If you have the storage space it is a good idea to mount each of these on card, By using a
spray-on glue lightly and solid card you can prevent damage that will occur along the folds - these maps are quite

The main reason for the size of each map is that instead of just providing a shaped selection of assorted hexes 
Mayfair provide quite a good deal of important and interesting information about each city featured on the maps.

As examples of the depth of geographical value I have listed here the cities found on a couple of the maps.

Braunau - Salzburg - Dornbirn - Wels - Bad Ischl - Innsbruck - Kapfenberg - Tamsweg - Linz - St Polten
Krems - Vienna - Eisenstadt - Oberwart - Graz - Klagenfurt - Villach - Lienz - Landeck - Kitzbuhel
This map also contains Game Rules for 3-4 players and Game Rules for 5-6 players, with optional rules and notes.

Helbad Heiligenstadt - Muhlhausen - Eisenach - Bad Salzungen - Meiningen - Suhl - Limenau - Sonneberg 
Saalfeld - Schleiz - Nordhausen - Sonderhausen - Gotha - Sommerda - Weimar - Erfurt - Jena - Altenburg
Gera - Greiz. This map also contains Game Rules for 3-4 players and Game Rules for 5-6 players.

I personally, not being American (or that geographically bright), hadn't heard of Delmarva. This Catan game map
has given me new information. Apparently Delmarva is the name given to the Regions that make up the State of
Virginia - West Virginia (the Mountain State), Washington District of Columbia (the Nation's Capital), Virginia
(the Old Dominion), Maryland (the Free State) and Delaware (the First State). DEL MAR VA is thus derived
from DELaware, MARyland and VirginiA.  This map also contains Game Rules specific for Delmarva.

These maps concentrate on the wonderful Churches, Cathedrals, Castles, Towers and other large, olde brick buildings
of these regions. Basic game pieces from the original game are required (for these and the other Maps).

Indiana is known as the "Hoosier" State whereas Ohio is called the "Buckeye" State. This map has the town of LIMA
on it. Lima means little to most people but to me it has great significance. My brother and I were driving back from a
trip to Florida (we drove from Canada to Tampa and back) when the Big-End went on his van. This was when we found
out just how friendly the people in Lima can be and I have nothing but thanks and gratitude to everyone we met there.
Oh, and it is also the birthplace of Al Jardine of the Beach Boys. Of course none of this has anything to do with playing
the game but if like me you find small towns or cities you have visited then this adds to the enjoyment of playing.




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