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Regular players of Mayfair Games SETTLERS of CATAN will already know that the game has taken on a life of its own, growing exponentially with
new glossy paper maps. On this page I am looking at some of those maps that are based on States in the US of A. The first thing noticeable about these
maps is that because of the natural shape of the State (or States) some of the game hexes are half-size causing almost straight edges on two parts of the
play map.


By looking at the map board pictures alongside the map sections I have put on this page you can see how good a representation the game makes of the
actual landscape.

Each of these maps has the usual spaces (hexes with the die number in the centre) around which the players build roads, cities and settlements, exactly
like in any of the Settlers of Catan regular boxed games. On all of the maps the Blue lines at the Docks represent Waterways which cannot be built on
but can be taken as owned by the player who connects to them with a City or Settlement. On two of the maps the Blue lines are solid and on the other
two they are fragmented (like the white lines down a road - only Blue); there is no difference between the dotted and the solid Blue lines as far as game
play is concerned.




Each of the maps gives the players a short description of the State itself plus a précis of the main (or in the case of New England, the Maine)
Towns and Cities within the borders of the State.  The maps also have the necessary game rules and key factors for the icons on them.

Here are some facts that I didn't know, maybe because I am not from the USA but maybe of trivia use to anyone, US citizens or not:
New York, known as The Empire State (okay, yes I did know this), has 3 mountain ranges, the Adirondacks, the Catskills and the Allegheny, all of
which are represented on  the New York State game map. Indiana (aka the Hoosier State) means the Land of the Indians and the adjacent Ohio is
known as the Buckeye State is named after the Iriquoisian term for Great River. New England contains Maine the Pine Tree State, New Hampshire
the Granite State, Vermont the Green Mountain State, Massachusette the Bay State, Rhode Island the Ocean State, and Connecticut the Constitution State.
Delmarva is an amalgamation of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Within Delmarva there is: West Virginia the Mountain State, Washington D.C.
(District of Columbia) the Nation's Capital, Virginia the Old Dominio and Delaware the First State.





These maps are for using occasionally, otherwise it is possible to determine a pattern of play, the same as in the original game layout prior to making the board
from randomly placed tiles. Once you have a routine it is hard not to aim for it which is why the random tile placing generally makes for a more strategical and
exciting game. Of course where you are in the order of play and the results of the die rolls offer their own random factors whether you are playing a static map
set or creating the board with randomly placed tiles.

Settlers of Catan or America or wherever can be a brilliant and enjoyable game or a frustrating and annoying one. If you are on the wrong end of the die results
then you can sit at the table and not enjoy it at all, of course if the dice are rolling for you then it is a happy romp. As the game evolves, with new boxed sets or
these game-expanding maps, then it changes tactically and each variation makes it a possibly different game every time you play.

There are other maps available that are not based in the USA, some of which you can read about on another page of this website. You can purchase the maps from
Mayfair Games direct (, at any of the conventions they attend or from game stores for around $5.00 a pop.




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