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Grey Fox Games is bringing back Campaign Trail!
Campaign Trail made a big splash when it released. Critically acclaimed for its card driven strategy and engaging gameplay, this area control game themed around the final months before the presidential election holds a 7.8 rating on Board Game Geek.

Sadly, it has been out of print, making it near impossible for gamers to get their own copy of the game. Now, Grey Fox Games is bringing the game back into print, and will be launching the game on Kickstarter in October,
Make sure you sign up to be notified when the campaign launches, so you can secure your own exclusive copy of this amazing game!

Monster Fight Club: Monster Scenery

A friend of ours, Monster Fight Club is running another extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign. If you play RPG's, or enjoy miniature wargaming, but don't have time to create, build, and paint your own terrain, their products are high quality and will look beautiful on yout table.

Please take a moment to check out their campaign page and back now before the campaign is over and you miss your chance to make your table look like a world onto itself.



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