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Pegasus Games succeed in a sensational double blow with the Game of the Year 2014 Camel Up and the connoisseur Game of the Year 2014 Istanbul

Friedberg, 17/07/2014: Germany is not only football World Cup, but also one of spielebegeistertsten countries at all. A navigation aid in the mass of hundreds of new books per year, provides for the past 36 years, the Critics Prize "Game of the Year". The iconic red pawn sheet since 1979 outstanding annual games, which are ideal for families and friends. Last Monday determined the nine-member jury "Game of the Year eV" in the first round of voting their favorite: Camel Up by Pegasus Spiele and editorial partners eggertspiele is the game of the year 2014.

In order for the world's most important games prize went for the first time with the Hessian game publisher - but that was not all: The award for the most demanding games award, "Kenner Game of the Year" could Friedberger notch up. Rüdiger mandrel Istanbul - a fast, multi-faceted ruby hunting on the Turkish bazaar - is the connoisseur Game of the Year 2014.

Thus Pegasus succeeded Games as the first game published by the double whammy - the previous peak of a successful development.

Even before the award ceremony in Berlin Pegasus could Games since 2009, a total accommodate four tracks on the recommendation of the jury lists, as well as three nominations and a win for himself and editorial partners eggertspiele recorded (Village, Kenner Game of the Year 2012). The of the current games range from Pegasus Spiele excellent quality convinced the jury this year completely, so in addition to the awards for Camel Up and Istanbul also more games were honored: Rococo by Editorial Partners eggertspiele received a nomination for the connoisseur Game of the Year, while the two card games Love Letter and Guildhall the recommendation of the jury was pronounced.


Steffen arc tubulenter betting fun Camel Up by Pegasus Spiele and editorial partners eggertspiele is according to the jury a "family game par excellence". With attractive design, easy rules and a short playing time of the Below and Above the raging camels provides gaming fun for all ages. With the ability to integrate up to eight players, it also makes for many a party a good figure. With the humorous, nominated for the Graf Ludo graphics Dennis Lohausens as well as the unique cube pyramid Camel Up is the eye-catcher on any table. Two to eight desert weather from eight years of experience the game of 2014 Camel Up in about 30 minutes.


Fast, exciting and multi-faceted: This is how Rüdiger mandrel-footed strategy tidbits Istanbul. With simple rule and intuitive symbols, players will find Istanbul fast way around the bazaar exciting gaming history. The mixture of numerous options in each train, according to the jury a "fascinating pulling mechanism" and the ever lurking competitors, prey on the rubies of Istanbul as nice as enjoyable. And Andreas Resch atmospheric graphics goes one step further to give the bazaar completely to life. Two to five players from ten years to prove itself in Kenner Game of the Year 2014 Istanbul for about an hour as shrewd traders.

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