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Modules for Steffen Bogen’s Crazy Camel Race

You must have the Original CAMEL CUP game to make use of this expansion

This expansion expands the fun of CAMEL CUP and adds a new Board, additional Characters and Dice as well as Betting tiles, Betting cards, Partnership cards and a Photographer tile with a 3D Camera and Pedestal. So lots of great solid card pieces that are specific to the modules and used only as required, plus it's now for up to 10 players.

In the Base Game your turn consists of deciding which of the four actions to take; Take a Betting tile, Place your Desert tile, Take 1 Pyramid tile or Bet on the Winner or Loser. When you use SUPER CUP modules you add one or more additional possibilities to the actions list, with Module 1 giving an optional rather than mandatory choice .

With Module 1 you can do One of the Basic Actions plus (or not) Return 1 Pyramid tile to the stack and put a supporting Die from the Pedestal into the Pyramid.

With Module 2 you can do One of the Basic Actions or become the Photographer and take the Camera and Photographer tile.

With Module 3 you can do One of the Basic Actions you take 1 Position Betting tile and place it over the bottom half of a Leg Betting tile you already own, or one you take from the stack on the board.

With Module 4 you can do One of the Basic Actions and become a Betting Partner with another player.


Each of the modules uses some of the new components as well as the Base game.

Module 1 uses the new board extension, the new dice, the pedestal, pyramid tile and 5 additional Leg Betting tiles. This is the most comprehensive of the new Modules and if you are like us it will soon become the norm for playing with the base game taking a step back.

Module 2 needs the base game but can also be used with any of the other modules. It requires only the Photographer tile and the Camera from the new components. The camera takes photographs of any camel that lands on the “camera space” and the Photographer player earns money depending on the number of camels in the stack. Once used the tile and camera are returned to the pool from where they can be selected again.

Module 3 also uses the base game and any of the other modules plus 4 Position Betting tiles and 5 additional Leg Betting tiles. The rules for this module are clearly defined depending whether this is added as a solo module or along with other modules.

Module 4 uses the 10 Betting Partnership cards plus the Base game and also other modules. Players each have a Betting Partnership card and they can decide whether to place it face up, thus making themselves available for a partner or face down meaning they don’t want a partner.

Players who partner up have the option of using each other’s tiles (with restrictions naturally).

 As I said previously, we have employed Module 1 into our games now as if it was the base game, which we treat it as if we decide to include any of the other 3 modules. We like the Photographer idea and it adds another option and we now often use this module as well, but not always, it depends on how many players we have as our opinion is that it works better with 5 or more players.

Module 3  is used occasionally, again depending on whether we have 5 or more players but Module 4 generally remains in the box as we like to win or lose alone, partnering up is for players scared of going it alone is how one of our number put it.


CAMEL CUP is a great fun game in it’s own right and the designer could have taken an easy route with the expansion by just adding some different Betting Legs and maybe another camel, but instead we have a series of interactive modules that work on their own (okay you need the Base set) or with each other in as many ways as you can think of. Therefore instead of just being a more of the same expansion it is a let’s step up the pace of the race expansion. Lots more fun in the new box. I would suggest you put all of the components from the expansion into the main Base box so that you always have it with you and it saves space.

Imagine having a lot of games-playing friends round and being able to play a game that will accomodate 10 of you and still be a lot of fun with very little time between turns - you are imagining CAMEL UP SUPER CUP


Check out CAMEL CUP (also known as CAMEL UP) and SUPER CUP (also not known as SUPER UP) at your LOCAL GAME store

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