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 Single or Multiplayer.  £20.00 - £30.00 in stores and online

Composer(s)Wilbert Roget II
DesignerGlen Schofield
SeriesCall of Duty
DevelopersSledgehammer GamesRaven Software
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

A little true backstory:
My grandad died in France in WWI 1915. My dad never really knew him and of course I never even met him.  My father was in the Royal Corps of Signals and his unit was readying for Dunkirk when he was recalled to the firm he worked for as an electric wireman working on something he never told me fully about, but it was some kind of detection device. Most of his friends in the Royal Corps of Signals died at Dunkirk, he was lucky to have been called back before they departed but it gave him a view on life that not many people have.

What has my short tale got to do with CoD WWII? you are probably quite rightly thinking so I'll elaborate. Within a few minutes of the opening scenes in the bunker, then on the amphibious DUCK, the war as it was is thrust onto our screen in glorious bloody colour. Men charging onto the beach and getting cut down by machine-gun fire gave me an insight into what my dad had missed, maybe not on D-Day but on the beaches of France at Dunkirk or wherever, and to be honest it scared the heck out of me. So running through the water and then zig-zagging up the beach under hails of bullets, following other members of my unit and listening to the commands of my officers "Get to the Sea Wall". Well that was easier to say than to achieve. I sat on the sofa in front of the TV with my fingers and thumbs working overtime on my camouflage design PS4 controller and I was actually sweating. Whether it was the dodging back and forth, really I was bouncing side to side on the sofa dodging bullets and flames, or simply the thought of being on that beach I don't know, but it was so realistic, apart from coming back to life when I died (several times before eventually making it to the sea wall).

The game is full of realistic and often disturbing scenes. There is no way that anyone can accuse Activision of glorifying warfare in CALL of DUTY: WWII, they have really hit home with this game, and although most players will probably not have too many family members who were involved in the '39-'45 war (maybe grandparents) this really brings home just how horrific and face-to-face war was (and still is). 

CALL of DUTY games are all fairly similar, generally different missions and different theatres. The controls are mostly standard, move, aim, shoot, die ........ but as always the game is a huge adrenaline rush solo or multi-player modes. I could gush on about it but I feel that the following screenshots will give you more information than I could.




The designer of this, the 14th CALL of DUTY tile, decided that this was going to be as realistic as it could possibly be and that no punches would be pulled and no blind-eyes would be turned on atrocities committed by all sides in this unnatural disaster. The soldiers are 'real', maybe not by name and number but by the way they are presented, and most of the people caught in the crosshairs of enemy rifles do not deserve to be there - they are just sacrifical lambs, mostly of the Third Reich and its movement towards perceived glory.


This is not a 'pretend' look at war through rose-coloured binoculars or sniper rifle sights. This is a close up, get down and dirty, reveal of all things good about war - nothing! When you control the gun sights on a German soldier what crosses your mind is that you are about to kill another person not just another computerised image on a television screen.




There you go, 40 screenshots that depict the different weather conditions, the cold, the gases, bullets from various weapons, the fear and the flames. I don't think I could say it much better. 

It is an intensity that commands the respect and the power of the PS4 plus. The mechanics are that gritty and brutal you can almost smell the diesel, taste the dust and feel the searing heat. The human animation is so good I kept having to double-take to ensure myself I was still playing a game and not watching a Hollywood movie, everything is more real than virtual (if it hadn't been made as a first person action game it could have been made as a top rated film). The movement, the action, the little things going on behind, at the same time or around the characters etc it is so pulsing and in your face giving a fairly good impression of 3D even when it actually isn't.

With all the war games and especially CALL of DUTY games there are to choose from how does someone determine which to play? The answer is find a reviewer you like and trust and listen to them. So for the war game loving folk who 'hit' GGO and trust my reviews and opinions I can promise you some really good but really tough excitement if you choose to play CALL of DUTY WWII




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