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The DK/PRIMA Books Collector's Edition Strategy Guide - Hard Cover volume
Written by Philip Marcus, Thom Denick and Jason Fox with Maps by Rich Hunsinger

CALL of DUTY BLACK OPS III was possibly the biggest game release leading up to Christmas and has been one of the main selling points for both the XBox ONE and the PS4 consoles. If you were lucky enough to get one of these for a present then by now you have either whistle-stopped your way through to the end of the game or you have reached an impasse, or perhaps just found a grey area that you believe needs further investigation only you are not sure how to get there. Well this is where the DK/Prima Books Collector's Edition Strategy Guide is going to be your nbf (new best friend). So open the fridge, pull out a soda, access and use your brand new special edition magnetic Jugger-Nog bottle-opener, and pop yourself down in your favourite gaming chair, fire up the console sit with the DK/Prima Book on your lap and off you go....

  BONUS Videos and Interactive Maps eGuide content designed for using two screens at same time.

For totally new player in need of some kick-starting (and I am not referring to the crowd-funding organisation) the first 20 pages take you step by step through the campaign Boot Camp, detailing and describing the basics that every experienced player take for granted. This includes a run down on firearms, different styles of combat situations, how to use your inventory and tactics etc. 20 pages of text and photograph-style illustrations to set you on your way to a fantastic gaming experience.

After going through the Boot Camp I would suggest that unless you are fully experienced Black Ops players you should skip the next 80+ pages for now and jump to page 106 where you will find the Introduction to this latest instalment. Experienced players can shuffle through the first few pages of Basic Training and begin on page 116 with Specialists and continue on through the arsenal of weaponry that will or may become available to you during the game.


Throughout the book the pages are filled with helpful explanatory text coupled with screenshots and where necessary weapon charts for firing rates and shots to kill for example. It is at this point the player has a decision to make. If you carry on forward through the book from here you are entering the world of pvp (player versus player). This is where the solo player who prefers pve (player versus the environment) games should head on back to page 20 where the textual and visual walkthrough begins to the 11 main missions. These missions are described using a map that shows all the pertinent points, each marked with a capital letter, which themselves can be found at the beginning of each step-by-step descriptive section along with an action header. examples: (A) Infiltrate the Security Station (B) Locate Minister Said and (C) Go To The Interrogation Room.


Experienced players will only require this volume on rare occasions, but like all available data, even if you don't need it, it's good to know it is there if you ever do. Novice players should attempt to play without the book until they get stuck and then they should try first just looking at the next step on the map. If they still have trouble then read a little more, and so on until they achieve success. The text for each screenshot describes briefly what you need to do, such as "shoot through the glass when Hendricks breaches, then follow them back out"


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