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The future of Cabals: The Board Game is now in the hands of the people. The Kickstarter project, from Kyy Games, to fund the Expandable Card Game (XCG) is now live and running until October 18.

The project promises a generous box set containing 287 cards and 10 double-sided board game pieces. The game itself brings multiplayer for 2 to 4 players, deck building, battleground construction and of course card battles! Players choose their side and compete to rule this alternative reality, set in the 1930s between two world wars!

Beautiful artwork and streamlined gameplay immerse the player in the war between four cabals, with different styles, strengths and philosophies. Bearclaw Brotherhood who are believed to operate in the Soviet Union. Danann Covenant full of Irish witches and faerie folk. Vril Society capitalise on modern science from somewhere in Southern Germany. Finally the Order of Zahir brings magic and Arabic wisdom from their laboratories thought to be hidden in Southern Spain! 

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