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Cabals: The Board Game

KYY Games

 Cabals: The Board Game is a new card game from KYY Games, designed by Mika Rosendahl, a MTG champion, and based on the app that has been around on the App Store for idevices and Play Store for Android for years. The game will be relaunching on Kickstarter on September 17th, looking to be in peoples hands around Spring of next year.

I am lucky enough to have had the chance to play this genre hybrid game, and i thoroughly enloy it. Set in an alternative 30's where magic and monsters used as weapons by secret societies. The game plays very much like the app, players taking it in turns to activate, and play cards from their hands, and move their characters on the board with the overall objective of capturing their opponents Stronghold.

The base game is playable by 2-4 players, and like all future planned expansions, comes with set cards spanning four of these ultra exclusive secret societies;

Bearclaw Brotherhood: This shamanic group mixes Slavic mythologies with weird psychoanalytic mind controlling techniques. The Brotherhood is also allied with the forces of arctic nature. Their units can survive heavy damage and they win by freezing the board and getting control of the game. They operate in the western reaches of the Soviet Union.

             Danann Covenant: Their members consist of aristocratic Irish witches and subterranean faerie folk.                  Celtic folklore meets Arthurian legends in their halls. Single faerie units tend to be small and weak but              the witches do have the means of buffing them. The rather aggressive Danann can also take initiative                  by transforming key board tiles into gates to the underground.

              Vril Society: Esoteric engineers applying modern scientific methods to their worship of “Vril”, an energetic principle or force of some kind. Their underground power plants are located somewhere in Southern Germany where massive and unstable Hyperborean cyborgs are manufactured. By sacrificing resources they push for big units and risky swing turns.

  and finally, The Order of Zahir: Well Versed in Medieval alchemy and Arabic wisdom these men are about to attain total mastery over matter. Their                                                                 magic allows them to draw extra cards and manipulate the resources of their opponents, giving them the edge in longer games. The Zahir laboratories are                                                           thought to be hidden in Southern Spain.

Once you have selected your faction, you take your hero, and deck and you are almost ready to play. The board is in pieaces, that each player places alternately until the battleground is laid out and you are ready to face off in mortal combat (well your minions anyway).

Here is a gameplay video that shows you the basics of play.

Controlling spaces on the board either adds resources or new deployment spaces for your units, depending on the type of the space. Holding resource spaces allows you to play more valuable units and spells. Deployment spaces allow you to play new units there, as well as your stronghold. A good board position gives you more options and lets you play stronger units, further down the field, and thus closer to their Stronghold, giving them less time to react. Another way of winning is by controlling more relic tokens, each player can play relics on spaces they control. Once you have captured and used a Relic, it is destroyed, so this is an option not to be taken lightly.

Cabals is fun, quick and full of strategies that will not pop up immediately, making replay value amazing. If you like the app, then back the Kickstarter, this one is gonna be big.


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