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There seems to be a current trend towards side-scrolling games. I used to know these as platform games but
that's a term I haven't heard for a while - maybe it's an age thing ?

CUBICITY is made by BRUSH & CODE ( and features a ginger-haired pot hole
explorer called Seamus and he has managed to get himself into deep (and I mean 60 level deep) trouble. He
has managed to hang himself from a rope harness and pulley system (unseen) by which he can manoeuvre
along the ceiling as he attempts to find his way out and to safety.

This is a 2D game but the animation and backgrounds, plus the objects and items that can be manipulated
give the impression of 3D - or as my TV has, the clever illusion known as 2D/3D.


The controls are pretty simply, using A and D for left and right movement, then the mouse buttons allow him
to use the magnet he carries to pick up the metal boxes laying on the cave floor. The S key allows these items
to be dropped. The whole underground experience is a puzzle filled trap and the only way to escape is to solve
all the puzzles.


Puzzles are mainly solved by landing the metal boxes into the target cases thus activating the hidden switch to
the next cavern. As Seamus continues he finds weapons, sronger magnets, different tools, all of which are of a
use in one or more of the caverns. Collecting these is a necessity but thankfully you cannot get through a puzzle
without obtaining whatever object is available in the cavern.


When Seamus picks up a metal box the pulley lets him drop down towards the floor. The more boxes the magnet
lets him hold at one time the lower he drops. Some of the obstacles need Seamus to go over them, others require
him to go under them and some even allow him to go through them - this is where one of the special items comes
into play.

Features of CUBICITY:
1- 60 levels.                          2-Explore five different worlds with new weapons.     3-Support of xbox controller.
4- Achievements system.     5-Supports HD graphics, 1080p+

This is a super puzzle solving game. The challenges fluctuate between easy, medium and difficult but not necessarily
getting harder as Seamus progresses. This makes the game more fun as far as I am concerned because the next cavern
may be less challenging than the last, thus rewarding you for your previous hard work.



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