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In all my years of wargaming, role-playing and boardgaming I have seen some truly amazing scenery for the figure-using versions
of these games. Many of these highly detailed scenery pieces are made from resin and the best of these, that I have used personally,
come from Dwarven Forge - their Dungeon Maze and Sci-Fi packs are not only realistic but also come painted to the highest quality
and based on felt. Many other resin packs have similarly high detail but require painting yet cost not a lot less than the Dwarven Forge

The problem with ALL of the resin pieces, apart from the fact thet they will chip if knocked, is that they are so very heavy and need
lots of protective packing, thus making them cumbersome to carry around and therefore only really useful if you can set up your scene
and leave it set up or you take it to a weekend convention where again it can be set up and left.

At Battlefield South's recent convention, held in the tank museum in Bovington, Dorset, I saw a lot of the resin scenery put to use for
all different war and action games and I have to admit that it looked splendid if not (as I have said) practical.

Then I came across a table operated by the HAWK WARGAMES people. They were not playing a game when I encountered them, but
they did have a table (somewhere in the region of 3ft x 4ft) set up with their CITYSCAPE. This is, as you can see from the photo's on this
page, looks unbelievable good, in fact the photographs (taken from HAWK Wargames own site) do not do the actual product full justice.

CITYSCAPE comes in a box no larger than your average boardgame (about 1½ times the size of an Avalon Hill bookshelf style game) yet
it contains 20 Buildings and 24 Ground tiles that are printed double-sided. The Ground pieces form a massive 6ft x 4ft Battlefield that is
customisable using combinations of both sides of the tiles. The Buildings are created from flat-packed heavy duty card that can be folded
into position and placed onto the groundwork where required and then unfolded back to flat and packed away ready to be transported to the
next game.

The BUILDINGS are constructed from one single piece of card, pre-scored at the folds. They are colourful but not too colourful and of course
they are light and easy to arrange (pre-game) so that each time you use them they can be positioned differently to form new locations.

If you want to find fault (and I really don't) then you might have a whine that the Cityscape is based on the American way of designing their
Cities which is in a grid and thus the streets are all straight and with right angled turns (and left-angle turns of course). Naturally this suits
miniatures gaming on home and club tables perfectly and if you have ever been to somewhere like New York you will certainly appreciate it.

CITYSCAPE is designed for 10mm scale games using the 10mm miniatures of Hawk Wargames' DROPZONE COMMANDER game rules.
However I have already used it for games with HeroClix figures - it makes a superb Gotham City for example, especially if you have it set up
where you can control the lighting - a couple of small spotlights will create just the right ambience and dark shadows for a super-hero city.

I will be honest and say that if you have a good storage area and you are not likely to carry CITYSCAPE around then you should either glue
or (underside) tape the Buildings into their shape (ie glue or tape the folding joints). The card is heavy duty and hard waring but if you spend a
lot of time erecting and flattening the buildings the fitting tabs will quickly become worn and then the Building won't sit firmly, and you cannot
have Batman landing on a roof and going through to the table.

If you are going to make the buildings permanently erected then a good idea is to reinforce them by gluing some lightweight but sturdy craft
"backing" board - this is inexpensive, easy to cut and attaches to the card with most glues, and can be bought in craft stores.

Apart from having an amazing visual effect CITYSCAPE doesn't hurt your pocket. One full set costs no more than £30.00 (you may find it for
£27.00 on special offer online) which is about the cost of one, maybe two, resin buildings, and you generally only need the one set for most games.
Now that is really good value.

As I said it is designed for 10mm miniature wargaming but it can easily accommodate 15mm or 20mm figures without looking too out of place.
I have tried it with 5mm figures but they do get lost on it. I would recommend it for battles involving HeroClix and modern (from WWII onwards)

I am running out of adjectives and superlatives to describe just how good this is and how much it will mean to tabletop miniature gaming. So I
will just stop by saying, if you are looking to start Urban or Modern Day fantasy-style warfare then get yourself a CITYSCAPE pack.

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