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CDMC = Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000
CDMC 3000 is a game for 1 - 3 players aged 10+  (kids younger than this, maybe 7 years old and up, can easily be told the rules and grasp how to play). 

Published by Mayday Games  (Visit Chop Sticks)

Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000 is a simple (as in the rules are easy) dexterity game in which the object is to collect the most tokens by using chopsticks to pick up food from a bowl (food is easier than wooden pieces, believe me), the tokens represent the food pieces that need to be picked up at that time. The theme is presented as a TV game show intended to promote the use of chopsticks among Japanese youth.

25 foodstuffs in 5 colours and 5 shapes, are put in a plastic bowl. The round tokens start shuffled and placed face-down, each one being drawn one at a time to show which food must be collected. To win the token, players simultaneously compete to pick out the wooden pieces that represented it. Using only chopsticks, players try to grab the food that matches either the shape, the colour, or both, taking them from the large bowl and placing them into their personal target dish. It is perfectly acceptable to snatch food from someone, knock it from their grasp, and otherwise generally be a pain as long as the chopsticks holding the piece aren't above the edge of the bowl, as once someone has removed the piece from the bowl (using their chopsticks) it cannot be interfered with anymore. Oh come on! There has to be at least one rule!

There are a few ways to play the game, mostly depending on the number of players involved. In the three player game, all players must grab all of the pieces which are either the shape or the colour shown on the token. Whoever grabs the most food wins the token. In the case of a tie, the token goes to the player who picked up the food with the right shape AND colour.

There are Basic games and Challenge games for 2 and 3 players and solo rules for single players against the timer. The 2-player game has two modes, one using the basic tokens and the other being a little bit harder as it uses all of the tokens. The first mode is to gather only food that has the exact colour or shape match, and the second Challenge mode requires players to score tokens of the exact colour and shape.  The solo version pits you against the clock, having to remove all the food, and place it on a colour/shape grid, all within 75 seconds. There is a minor misprint in the rules, in as much as a timer is listed in the components, but one there is not supplied. This was due to a design change at the last minute, but unfortunately the rules had already been printed. So the first thing to do, especially if you are going to play the game solo, is to go to the kitchen and get your egg-timer, or find another game with a sand-timer or similar device, it is most important to have a timer of some description for the solo game and it is a boon for the other variants too.

During the frantic play it is almost certain that pieces will fly out of the bowl or be forced from opponent's chop-sticks and thus leave the table not as part of a winning challenge but as an Unidentified Flying Object (ok it may be identified but it is an object and it is flying). Don't try to carry on playing from the floor or auntie's lap or wherever the pieces land, instead just pick them uo and drop them back in the bowl and continue playing. CDMC3000 is a great game to play with your family and friends, even those who aren't regular games players will find it fun. Of course it has it's moments where it can be a really nasty (in the nicest possible way), vindictive, addictive and an absurdly funny game to play with fellow gamers. As a bonus, the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant you'll be a whizz with the chopsticks and never need to ask for cutlery again (though I am still trying to work out how you drink the tasty sauce without a spoon).



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