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Camels riding piggyback

Camel Up by publisher Pegasus Spiele is a turbulent racing and betting game for all ages

FRIEDBERG, April 2nd 2014 – A crazy camel race through the desert, determined by the die pyramid – that’s the essence of Camel Up. While five capricious Camels race around the pyramid, going all topsy-turvy, players bet, which one will finish first and which one will fall behind.

In Camel Up everyone watches the five camels, racing around the pyramid. On a turn, players bet which camel will lead at the end of each leg and which one will win respectively lose the race. But that is harder than it sounds, since these camels jump on top of each other, stack and carry one another for a few steps – or get sidetracked by oases. Only players who both keep track of the race and dare to place early bets, have a chance to gather wealth in a game of Camel Up.

The die pyramid and stackable camels make Steffen Bogen’s Camel Up an eye-catcher. Camel Up by Pegasus Spiele’s editorial partners eggertspiele (Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012: Village) is a fast-paced family game for two to eight players, playing in around 30 minutes – released with English and German rules. RRP 24,95 €

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