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Land of the Rising Sun , was first published in 1980, using the 1st Edition Chivalry & Sorcery game mechanics.  Described at the time as "an estimable addition to a FRP aficionado's library. Aside from being well-explained, it is necessary for those who want to fully understand C&S. The care with which Japanese myth has been reproduced is simply amazing."

We are in the final stages of our kickstarter for the Chivalry & Sorcery expansion "Land of the Rising Sun".
Funded in 12 hours, four stretch goals unlocked and closing on the fifth stretch goal.

Pledge £15 or more


LAND OF THE RISING SUN PDF. Full colour 320 page book containing everything you need to add Feudal Japanese play to your Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition game. Rewards: 

• PDF – Land of the Rising Sun RPG
• Your name in the Backers’ Credits
• Does NOT Receive Any Stretch Goals 

Fulfilled by Drivethrurpg    

ESTIMATED DELIVERY   May 2021   18 backers   Pledge amount  £15.00

If we can get to £25,000 the final stretch goal will be unlocked releasing to backers a number of STL files for some miniatures unavailable elsewhere (see image)
The Kickstarter closes at midnight GMT 31st January 2021 ( 7.00 pm EST)

With the new 5th edition of Chivalry & Sorcery being streamlined and more playable, it was only right that we worked with Lee Gold (winner of three Origins awards) once more to update Land of the Rising Sun to the new edition, brand-new edition is bigger and better than ever before, and for the first time ever is brought to you as a full colour hardcover book.  This is the first full blown setting expansion for Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition and adds additional rules to the core rule book.

The books will be printed by the same source as the C&S Core Rule book with a full colour hardcover complete with reading ribbon and silk paper.  Comparable with many books from other major games companies.

Exclusive to this Kickstarter, we’re offering a special Collector’s Edition (see cover, below). The Collector’s Edition will not be available through normal retail channels outside of this Kickstarter

 Kickstarter Exclusive Collectible Cover

Land of the Rising Sun is fully written, edited, and laid out. Backers will receive a PDF once funds clear at the closing of the Kickstarter. As it’s ready for printing, we are confident that we’ll have everything printed by April 2021, with shipping to commence immediately afterwards...backers at or above the £35 Samurai Pledge can expect to have their books in May of this year. Please, join us as we raise funds to complete the printing of this wonderful tome that’s over 300 pages of glorious colour—Land of the Rising Sun!

Land of the Rising Sun covers the late Classical period of Japan, through the middle of the Feudal period, circa 850–1500 CE. Character generation follows a similar path as in 5th Edition Chivalry & Sorcery, giving you and your players the tools to create characters from Samurai to Ninja.

The Magick rules draw on the Japanese elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood, while the Religion rules allow people to play Buddhist or Shinto Priests, adding other branches of religion to those found in Chivalry & Sorcery.

With Land of the Rising Sun you will be able to create your very own version of Feudal Japan, whether you include the various elements of Folklore and Myth or go for a pure Historical campaign for the right to be Shogun.

Land of the Rising Sun is an expansion for Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition and will require the C&S 5th edition core rule book. You will be able to create your very own version of Feudal Japan; whether you include various elements of Folklore and Myth or go for a pure Historical campaign for the right to be Shogun, is completely up to you.

To enhance your experience of  playing in the Land of the Rising Sun setting we recommend the Test of Honour miniatures from Grey for Now Games


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